Trying out baked zucchini burgers

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1 year ago

Today I am sharing one simple, semi healthy and delicious recipe. It is zucchini burgers, but these are baked, not fried. My favorite zucchinis are sliced and fried, but I know that is not the healthiest, and honestly, it takes a lot of time, so I wanted to try baked and shredded.

Ingredients that you will need are:

  • zucchini

  • salt

  • flour

  • oil

  • baking powder

  • egg

  • seasoning that you like (optional)

    This time I added bacon, not too much, but this was just experimenting, and bacon gives more flavor to everything. Some people add other vegetables as well (like carrots) but I like taste of zucchini and I like to put only that.

First you need to shred zucchini, add salt and leave it for some time, so it will release water. After it sits for a while, you will need to squeeze it out. I do it with my hands, but you can also put it in a dishcloth and squeeze it that way. The more you squeeze, the less flour you need to add later. Next is adding rest of the ingredients. Mix egg in separate bowl, and it's optional, you can add some milk in it. I like to add little milk in almost everything I make with eggs, so I added. In this you will also add oil. Entire point of baking it was not to have too much oil used and too greasy burgers, so I tried to add as little as possible but still it will need some. After mixing it with zucchini, it is time to add flour and baking powder. Best way to do it is to mix flour and powder, and then mix it all together. In the end, I also added a bit of bacon, but just a little, as you can see, because it will give it nice flavor.

Also, bacon is quite greasy so it will add more oil. I put in the baking try onto the baking paper. As it has baking powder in the mixture, you don't need to make it too high, it will raise while being baked. Mine are not all the same size or shape because my goal was to put it all in the same try, I didn't care much about how it looks.

I baked it around 35 minutes in 200C, but I guess it depends on your oven and now big your burgers are. Here is the result. And also I think I maybe put it too high, I am not sure. They didn't look as I expected, but sure they tasted nice and they were soft inside, just like I wanted. Thing is, I didn't follow any recipe for this, I just thought to try the same one that I fry, but in the oven. Maybe next time I try something more specific. But I was happy with the result, I wanted it to be a more healthy version, and I think it was, and it was also tasty enough for me.

I assume most people would prefe fried ones, as they are more tasty, but I try to eat healthy and making it this way saved my time, therefore I will continue to do it this way. I ate it with hard white cheese and it was tasty for me. After entire apartment smelled like zucchini for a while 😄

All photos that I included in this article are original and taken by me.

Thank you for reading my post 💗

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1 year ago


I ate zucchini today because I bought one very big!! With chicken, oil and marine salt, very easy but I like your idea too!

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1 year ago

They can be quite big. Glad you had nice meal. Maybe I can try with chicken too next time :)

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1 year ago