My Teddy Bear

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2 years ago

Today, my sweet dog is turning 7 years. Here is little story about my dog Teddy.

How I got him

Teddy became a member of my family by accident, sad one, unfortunately. I always loved dogs so much and always wanted one. But my parents wouldn't allow me to have a dog. I would be with street dogs all time, and even name them and feed them daily. Then, for my 18th birthday, I got Samoyed from my friends as a gift. I was scared that my parents wouldn't let me keep him, but they agreed. He was called Medo (little bear). Unfortunately we lost him. He was running and following an unknown dog that came in our front yard, and got hit by a car. At that time his two puppies where 2 months old. At first I didn't want to take one of them, but then I realized it would be Medo's son, and I would have a part of him still with me. Also my dad, who was mostly against having a dog, had hard time losing Medo, and now him and Teddy are the closest. This is why I always say, if you didn't had dog, you don't know this amazing type of love that you need to feel and experience. Unconditional love.

This is a photo of me and Teddy, when I first met him, at the time I didn't know he will become our dog. He lived with his mother, brother, and cats. A lot of cats. This was great because his mother taught him everything, and when he came to our place, he already knew to ask to go out to the bathroom. He always asked, and didn't have any accidents in the house, not even as a little puppy.

This is photo of Teddy and his brother.

Why I chosed him

When my family took him, I wasn't there, but I told them which puppy to choose. Reason why I did this, is because when I met puppies one of them reminded me of Medo more, and he was all the time active with me and much more friendly and playfull than the other one. The other one was more calm, like their mother, Bella.

Teddy become part of the family very quickly, and stole everyone's heart. You could say he is little bit spoiled, but that is because of what happened to his dad. However, he is a very good doggo and he doesn't use this advantage (okey, maybe with me only, he knows I have soft spot for him).

What is Samoyed like

Teddy is a Samoyed. This is a beautiful breed of dog if you ask me. They are very friendly, playful, good with people, kids and other dogs. They are not guard dogs, even tho they bark a lot. And I mean A LOT, and all the time. They are deperate for attention, so if you want to have this dog make sure he has company most of the time, they don't like to be alone.

Teddy and friends

Teddy loves attention and he loves other dogs and to play with them. This is him in the river, with his friend Amos. Samoyeds are not good swimmers, but he loves to swim in the river with his friend. But he hates baths at home so much.

Since last year, Teddy also lives with a cat, Tom. At first Tom was really scared of him (he is a big dog) , but with time they started to get along. Now they are very good most of the time. Sometimes Tom is annoyed and wants to be alone, and Teddy desperately tries to get him to play.

Teddy is very sweet and good dog, and we couldn't wish for any better.

Happy Birthday Teddy!

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2 years ago