Exercising again after a year isn't easy

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2 years ago

I can't remember when was the last time I exercised, it feels like it was more than a year ago, but it was probably last summer. But thing is, I gained more weight than ever. It's mostly because in winter I had almost no need to go out, and I went out only when I had to and when there was snow, which wasn't often. And there were a lot of holidays, and amazing food, and it all lead to this. I was shocked when I measure myself. I knew I gained weight, but all my scopes were bigger (hands, thighs, waist, but...) and some quite bigger.

I already decided to start walking, just because in general is good, and all winter I wasn't active, but also in other to maybe help me get in shape again. I already walked 3 days in last 4 days. Yesterday only I didn't walk, because I did exercise. The thing with me and walk is, they are so time-consuming, and usually boring to me, because in a short time I can walk through the entire park, and then I have to go again to walk more, because it's not too big. And honestly, I can walk so much, and I don't feel like I am actually doing anything and like it has some point (I know it does, but it just feels that way).

Me in the walk the other day, waving to you :)

This is why I prefer exercise. I can feel my body and feel my muscles, and something happening. And sometimes, if I do too much, I can feel my entire body, all day tomorrow because it all hurts :D Like yesterday, I did exercise after so long, and I didn't even do too much, I did 4 videos for 3 different part of body, but since it's been so long, today I have sore muscles of course. Nonetheless, I will continue, I just skipped today because I don't want to make it worse.

How I exercise?

I don't go to the gym, because I don't need to. All things I do I can do from home. I know some people use equipment there and that make sense, but for me I don't have need for any of it. Going to gym can also be motivation for some people, but again, not for me.

I used some applications that have video exercise in it, and that have prepared each day for you and what you should do. These are not bad, and if you are just starting out it might be a good place to start, because they have beginner programs. I stopped using them because I end up with too many apps for each part of the body and also some don't match in break days, and I just wasn't perfect for me, but overall I think they are good. If you want to find them, you can just search for "30 days ... challenge".

My equipement

YouTube's videos turned out to be the best option for me. What I do is add all my videos to the same YouTube playlist, and then just each day chose which one I do that specific day. Some I do each day, some I mix and change. I usually make a table with days, and write down which ones will I do that specific day, when is break... This is a nice way to keep track of it all, and also how much exercise will last each day. I like p4p channel and also blogilates, so you can check them out if you want. And also I did Chloe Ting challenges, but I just did videos that I liked the most, I didn't do the whole thing.

Some tips at the end

  • Start slowly - Don't push yourself to do too much right away, do it only if you can. Because you will give up fast, thinking you can't do it. Start small and then move your boundaries.

  • Have break - First I thought it would be best to just exercise each day and have no break at all, but that's not true. Your muscles need a break, and so do you. Enjoy it.

  • Do more - once your exercise become so easy that you can do so easy, it's time to change it. Go to the next level

  • Diet and water - the best way to see the results is having a good diet and eat healthy, but I don't do it, and I don't know much about it, so this is up to you. But do drink a lot of water

  • Motivation - motivation is important when it comes to exercise, so think why you do it and what is your goal. Once it becomes a habit it will be easier for you, but you will need motivation to get you through it

Note that I am not a trainer of any kind, and this is all based on my experience, not my professional knowledge. I will maybe keep you updated how my exercise is going. I did my measurements, so maybe I will share my end result with you.

Thanks for reading my post !

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2 years ago