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Exercise journal #3

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1 week ago

Hello guys, new week is here, and I am back with my exercise journal. As this is the third update, I will focus on improvements in the last 2 weeks. Although the previous week I wasn't fully dedicated, since I was going home, and had events, it was just not possible. Last week, however, I could focus more, but I was mostly inside and wasn't moving much, as I do when I am home. I also realized I do have to improve my meals, or I just might give up. It really can't go one without another, if you chose to get in shape you need to take care of your meals and exercise, not one or another, it has to be both. If you just want to lose weight, maybe, but that's not my focus, not I want to be on strict diet and have very low calorie intake. Where does that lead me to? Not having less food, but more healthy food, less fat and fried food, and sugar. But I can't compromise on a few things, it is potato season and I do love pasta too much. So it's all about balance for me, not forcing anything.

Last week I exercised 4 times, and I tried to eat better, but I brought some food from home, and I was not going to waste that cake :D Originally I changed my workout routine, but I realized it was too much for me, so I decided to keep it same, and then this week just change some videos instead of adding more. I was hoping for a bigger change, but the difference was only 0.5 for 3 measurements. I am not sure will I be able to reach my goal, because it's slower than at start, and harder to make change, but we will see. Other thing is, I went to my sister's' place, and she has a scale, so I measured my weight. I lost 1.5 kg since last time I measured, which was about a month and 2 weeks ago, maybe. It does sound little, but on my height and previous weight, it is okay, I think. I think I will lose 1 kg more, till my end date, but we will see, it's not my main focus anyway.

Honestly, even though change is not huge, I am quite happy with the way I look now. The only thing I want to change a bit more are legs, and I still have a bit of muffin top to get rid of. This is why I changed exercise for this week, I added one intense for thighs, and another one for belly region. So we will see in a week is it working better than previous ones. As for the videos I left, I have 3 videos for abs, I added one last week, and the first two I still don't do so easy, so it's okay to continue them. I also left the one video I did for muffin top, and now I do 25 of 30 (yes, I am doing the same thing for weeks and can't do the 30 yet, it is that hard exercise). And also the one that I do for hands and back. I added starching as well, but it's not a video, it's just a few poses that you do for 30 seconds.

Photo I used in this article and lead image are original and taken by me.

Thank you for reading my article ^^

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Written by   42
1 week ago
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Nice update......this is so thoughful

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