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Cryptocurrency Top 25 - Feb 23 2021

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This is the initial posting of a Top 25 ranking for cryptocurrency coins by Moola News. In the future we may turn this into a poll. If you would like to participate in ranking coins email here (moolanews @ Includes commentary for each coin.

The intent of the rankings is not short-term in nature. However, that is how the rankings are going to be judged by public opinion. Right!? If its a Top 25 for this week, shouldn't these be the best performing coins for this week. View it kind of like a Top 25 for College Football or College Basketball. The number 1 team might lose in the upcoming week. The purpose is really overall. And at the end of the season. And, just, who are the best coins. Thus, generally speaking, the ranking is as respects long-term hold prospects. In this sense, perhaps a coin that has run up and run up and run up; that one might start slipping down the rankings. And vice versa.

Because the other point of the rankings is the fundamentals. Yeah, the number 1 basketball team might lose this week, but they still have a better team then most. So, it's not necessarily which coins are going to the best as an investment. It's also which coins are just a total picture (such as interest/involvement; prospects of the project). For example, within the DeFI space, or the Dapp space, which cryptocurrency projects seem to have the best prospects long-term.

Expecting a ton of controversy. First, unlike college football or college basketball that has, say, about 350 teams to choose from. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, basketball and football teams don't fluctuate like cryptocurrencies. Teams are, more or less, stable. They might get upset and/or win some big games and they do move up and down the polls, but it's not usually going to be that far off what people would find acceptable. Cryptocurrency is totally different. The 5 best coins of the next week, year, 10 years might not even be on the list. For this aspect, the list will tend to emphasize toward the larger coins.

All this said. Here it is (with market cap in parenthesis, in billions of US dollars). Lot's of research by Moola News goes into making a list that can hold up to criticism (email here (moolanews @

Top 25 Cryptocurrencies (ranked 2/23/2021)

  1. Binance (symbol: BNB) ($35.0B) - professional traders/market makers have a benefit to holding this coin; Binance also has upside as far as 'project-related' aspects of the coin beyond just being a coin.

  2. Ethereum (ETH) ($180.0B)- until proven otherwise, the biggest banks and insiders are backing the Ethereum project. There are cracks in the facade (such as Polkadot was started up as a hedge in case ETH doesn't work out).

  3. Dash (DASH) ($2.3B)- this could turn out to be more of a stablecoin and not have huge upside. However, there are a fixed number of coins. And their App seems quite compelling and catching on the most with millenials.

  4. Bitcoin (BTC) ($904.0B) - this is the cash funnel to fuel a rise in all the other coin projects. This is the door in for all people, especially institutional investors. Downside is it can be seen as a bit of a legacy project especially re energy consumption.

  5. NEO (NEO) ($2.7B)- to the extent China may lead the world in coming decades, NEO seems well positioned as, perhaps, better than Ethereum in a lot of ways.

  6. Solana (SOL) ($4.0B)- big-time project behind a lot of the blockchain; backed by major corporations including Google.

  7. Cardano (ADA) ($30.3B)- has already experienced a pretty good pop higher but seems solid given the potential to be an ETH replacement

  8. Monero (XMR) ($3.9B)- could end up banned at some point by major governments; not promoting because of the supposed privacy benefits. Just the coin seems well positioned.

  9. Decentraland (MANA) ($0.3B)- the current game platform seems it needs to be overhauled and rebuilt and not sure if that is possible; upside is alliances and seems well-backed to be 'the one.'

  10. Litecoin (LTC) ($11.7B)- long-term since the maximum coin number is set, and it aligns with the Bitcoin orbit, and because its been around a long-time and has institutional uptake.

  11. MIOTA (IOTA) ($2.3B)- has big potential surrounding the 'internet of things' focus. Kind of a first mover in the space so there for the taking if they execute properly.

  12. Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) ($0.9B)- this one they are maybe still working out some kinks but there is substantial corporate/government backing and to sum it up this is a way faster/more efficient version of Bitcoin.

  13. Golem (GLM) ($0.3B)- a supercomputer that anyone can use. This one has a lot of potential as there should be a lot of interest to hold tokens for access.

  14. Basic Attention Token (BAT) ($0.3B)- has been trading in a range for a long-time giving an impression of being a stable coin; but fundamentals look good with the Brave browser and its crypto/privacy focus potential to catch on.

  15. Storj (STORJ) ($0.1B)- there is a bit of competition in the cloud storage space; for example, Filecoin may be a better fit for this spot; for now we like this one.

  16. Band Protocol (BAND) ($0.3B)- cross-chain oracle platforms (Chainlink is similar in a way and you could look at Chainlink for this spot) have lots of potential.

  17. Dogecoin (DOGE) ($6.1B)- given the unlimited number of coins hard to see how this doesn't eventually end up in the dust bin. However, its kind of becoming household. It's just got an 'it factor' going for it.

  18. Syscoin (SYS) ($0.1B)- in a similar line as Hedera; and this is a max coin.

  19. Ardor (ARDR) ($0.1B)- worth owning at the price for the potential, similar space as SYS, HBAR.

  20. Stellar (XLM) ($8.7B)- potential to see very large flows into Stellar from institutions. It would be better if there was any ecosystem developing around Stellar but Dapp development seems very weak so far.

  21. EOS (EOS) ($3.7B)- has yet to find its stride but has a little bit of an 'it factor' with lots of potential to be a Chinese version of Ethereum.

  22. Bancor Network Token (BNT) ($0.6B)- very early in this space of decentralized finance, of which there are a lot of players that could emerge. Looking at the platform and the price this one seems long-term it could find a mainstream niche; whereas right now, say Uniswap seems in a dogfight.

  23. Decred (DCR) ($1.8B)- this one has been moving up quite a bit already in last couple months, but seems their governance system in particular might attract long-term support.

  24. (YFI) ($1.2B)- Celsius is another one in this kind of space to be a future bank on the internet.

  25. Cosmos (ATOM) ($4.8B)- helps to scale and interconnect blockchains.

How often will this list be updated? We shall see. At least monthly; perhaps weekly. Follow here and on Twitter here. Let us know what did we leave out! Email here (moolanews @

Cryptocurrencies are risky. Spreading out a little money into several/many different coins helps you diversify and handle fluctuations better. Never buy cryptocurrency with money you will need. Posted for educational and informative purposes only and not intended as any form of advice.

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