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Worship Songs

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4 months ago

I saw some articles about the songs they always listen or they got LSS, some also write about the songs they can't get their minds out. And I was inspired to write about these worship songs that will forever be engraved and made a great impact on me.

Songs actually can made a great impact in our lives. The way a song tells us a story and the way we get connected to the songs.

Growing up I was into the worldly music or songs that talks about the world and people with their emotions getting poured into the lyrics.

Some of you might knew these songs for they are very old and classic. I always hear these during masses and revivals or even fellowship in my catholic community.

So I will list all my fave songs that marks to me from the very first day that I heard it up until today.

The Songs:

  1. Power of Love- Hillsong

    I first heard this song way back elementary days on my first confession. During elementary days you have your first confession and first communion. So after the event we had a mass and then I heard this song. I am not renewed at that time but I'm always a believer that there is only one God. The thought didn't sink deeply in me but the song hits me big time that while the song was playing, I was weeping madly and my classmates asked me what happen and I just told them that I felt the song emotionally inside me. They laughed at me for it but I ignored for we are just kids not knowing the reality in life at that time.

  2. Lord, I offer my life to You- Don Moen

    You know it already, from the title itself you can clearly states that it's all about surrendering yourself, in whatever circumstances submit yourself to the Lord for He is the only one whom can give you assurance in life. Also, with faith, you can face every trouble in life if you have God in your life.

  3. All things are Possible- Hillsong

    This songs a bop. I always dance through this song and it uplifts my spirit.
    Some of the lyrics are "Almighty God my Redeemer. Yes I delight myself in You. And I will praise You with a new song. My soul will bless you Lord." My feet always abandon the ground whenever I hear this song.

  4. I came for You- Planetshakers.

    Some of us don't know that Planetshakers and Hillsong are the best in making Worship concerts loud and booming with their songs. Every time we do fellowship or gatherings we always starts with calling the Holy Spirit for guidance and protection and to feel their presence while worshiping the Lord. This song fits it . And the epic part of this song is when you shout "HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!" I mean I've been singing this song for ages but I still got goosebumps whenever I shouted it. It means you want the Holy Spirit to come and move in you.

  5. Above All- Lenny LeBlanc

    We sang this song usually during Holy Week. The song consists of the song consists of the way Jesus sacrifice himself by being crucified for our salvation. Whenever I hear this song. I always call to mind my past life. The way I rebel against my family for a short period of time leading to me being a single mom by choice. For the many mistakes I have done in my life. Nothing compares to the love of God for me that He died for my salvation. Not just me but for the people in the world.

  6. Whom shall I fear?(God of Angel Armies)- Chris Tomlin

    Understandable by the title itself. Whom shall we fear if we have God on our side?

    Basically the Rema of this is that God will never leave you nor forsake you. He always got your back when you think you got nothing to lean on, when your feeling down, when the world is against you. Just look up to God and He will send His army of angels to rescue you with all the troubles in the world you're living in.

  7. Came to my rescue- Mercy Me

    When I was having a difficult time raising my kid alone. I always put this into auto tune. I listen to this every time I have anxiety over everything. It helps me cope up with the reality and made me think of this phrase always "God will not give you struggles that you can't handle, He knows your strength so He knows you can overcome it. Have faith in Him." He will always be my rescue in every battle of life.

  8. Captivate Us- Watermark

    I set this as my the first time I heard this. I only heard it in the movie I was watching that time and the lyrics struck me and my tears didn't stop even if the movie was already done. I was really moved by the plot of the story and also the song didn't leave my mind until I searched it. Up until now it is still my ringtone and no plans on changing it for the time being.

  9. Here I am to worship- Hillsong

    During recollection the Priest will always told us the you are enough you are worthy you are way beyond your problems. What made me cry was during the recollection we are told to close our eyes and talk to God and this song was being played in the background. So I was talking to God myself and when the priest tap my shoulder I felt warm. It's as though God was the one tapping me on the back and saying "You did well,now come share your masters banquet"

  10. At the Cross-Hillsong

    Also during recollections you get the chance to tell your testimony on how good is the Lord. Before we were told to listen to God's word and this song was the background music. I was so immersed in the song that I forgot my thank you list and my support talk for my testimony.

  11. In Jesus Name- Darlene Zschech

    God is fighting for us. God is on our side. He has overcome yes, He has overcome. We will not be shaken , we will not be move. Jesus You are here. You can't help but left your hands up high for when you worship you put all your emotions into your hands as if God was holding it. Never let go

  12. Still - Hillsong Worship

    When the ocean rise and thunder storms. When the oceans rise and thunders roar.I will soar with You above the storm Father, you are King over the flood I will be still, know You are God. The rema I had with this songs is so deep and it connects me to God all the time.

  13. Christ is Enough - Hillsong

    He will always be enough for me and nothing can separate me to the love of God.

  14. Cornerstone- Hillsong

    When darkness seems to hide His face
    I rest on His unchanging grace
    In every high and stormy gale
    My anchor holds within the veil
    My anchor holds within the veil (Oh)

    Veil is the one being torn when Jesus was crucified at the cross.

  15. Endless Praise - Planetshakers

    This is a dance song and all we can do is shout our praises to the

    Lord. Endless praises lift up to the heavens for God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

  16. Famous for(I believe)- Tauren Wells Jenn Johnson

    This song told me that God is very famous on being generous and always giving another chance . He bring die backs to life. He shut the mouth of lions. That's what God is famous for.

  17. For All you've done- Hillsong

    This is a dance worship song. And after a while it transisted into a mellow type song. Darlene really is a great singer and part of the Hillsong Worship team.

  18. Known- Tauren Wells

    I only hear his songs recently and it's quite catchy so I search some until I was immersed to the songs completely and he knows where to put the lyrics and it's amazing that he always make good music.

  19. Never Lost- Tauren Wells

    I always cry while singing this I don't know why. I only heard this song because my favorite singer was singing a collaboration with Victory Worship. The lyrics were "You can do all things, you can do all things but fail. Cause you never lost the battle, no you never lost the battle, and I know, I know You never will." Imagine hearing this with all the choirs and the band. Goosebumps I tell you. I've replayed this song a hundred times for a week and it still gives me chills and my tears would suddenly drop hearing this song. Or maybe i'm just the emotional type of person.

  20. When God ran- Phillips, Craig & Dean

    From the title itself you know that this is a call to turn from your vices and return to God. Book of Matthew talks about a father whom had two sons and the one ran away with the riches he had inherited from his Father and then came back because he lost everything. Instead of feeling angry the father ran to the son and embraced him for he thought he had lost his son forever and even did a banquet for the return of his lost son. This is also the connection for this song. What struck me is that we all had our ups and down, we want to try new ventures and leave the past behind. We always told ourselves that we can make it in our own way without knowing that we are hurting God in every possible way we had that mindset in life. And when we finally realize that we need God in every day of our life that's when we know that God will always wait for us no matter how long the journey is. With arms wide open He will embrace you and tell you He loves you.

what's that worship song that you will never forget for the rest of your life?

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Written by   233
4 months ago
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Nice list. But the first shouldn't it be 'Power of Your Love'? Hillsongs and Planet Shakers are two of my favorites plus Don Moen of course. Check out also Jars of Clay, Darrell Evans (Trading My Sorrows, and Let the River Flow), Matt Redman (The Heart of Worship).

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3 months ago

I know all of those songs but I first familiarize with the song I listed when I was a kid

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3 months ago

"Lord, I offer my life to You" this is my favorite one. cause I already offer to him all my life :) sya na bahala saakin:)

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4 months ago

Amen.. yan din talaga usually ginagawa nang mga tao na nananalig kay Papa God.... they would surrender everything to Him for He is the way, the truth and the life. God Bless!

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4 months ago