Day in life series (Day 21)

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Hey guys welcome back to day in life series and this day marks the 3 week journey and it's going well. Let's get into the day, woke up at 9 done my morning routines had tea and breakfast. Again it's weekend so the markets are closed.

At 12:30 I headed out for a marriage function so first met up with friends and then went to the function and the lunch was from there and it was delicious. After lunch hanged out there for a bit. It was a sunny and bright day so while leaving the marriage function I thought taking some pictures of nearby fields as it was glowing so I took some pictures.

After that we went to have some cold drinks as it was hot like I already said. After that around 3 went back to home and I fall asleep while playing with phone and I woke up at 6. So went out again at 7 like usual and met up with friends and chilled for some time.

After some time we went to have some tea and later at almost 10 we returned to home. Had dinner played with phone for some time and went to sleep at almost 2.

Some pictures from the day

Thanks for checking out my post and see you in a bit

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