Day in life series (Day 16)

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1 year ago

Hey guys welcome back to day in life series and it's day 16 of the journey, let's get into it. Woke up at 7 yes it's pretty early for me I have to because I have errands to run and after waking up done my morning routines had tea and headed out with some people to do some job and reached there and at 10 I headed back home had breakfast and packed some for them also and again headed out.

At almost 1:30 the work has finished and again headed back home. At 2:15 had lunch and it's a sunny day by the way. After lunch jumped into markets and spend in front of the screen till 5 when I had tea and snacks. Again went back to charts.

At 7 headed outside to meet up with friends and we went to our usual cafe to have some more tea and some food and we spend some time and after that we chilled at our usual spot and almost 10:30 we headed back home. After reaching home had dinner and looked some more charts and some YouTube and Instagram went to sleep at around 1:30.

Thanks for checking out my post and see you in a bit

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