Day in life series (Day 14)

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1 year ago

Hey guys welcome back to day in life series and the day marks 2 weeks of journey and I am happy. Let's start the day, woke up at 9 done my morning routines had breakfast and tea, as I was staying in my aunts house I headed out to home after breakfast.

It was raining since I woke up and it was a moody day and I don't had nothing much to do anyways and day pretty much passed . Didn't had lunch, had tea and snacks at 5 and again constant nothing much till 7 when I headed out to meet up with friends.

After chilling for a bit, we went to have some tea at our local cafe. So had tea and stayed there for a bit. After some time we headed back home at around 10:30, after reaching home had dinner and did some market preparation for the new weak ahead. After some scrolling through YouTube and Instagram went to sleep at around 2.

Thanks for checking out my post and see you in a bit

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