Day in life series (Day 11)

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1 year ago

Hey guys welcome back to day in life series and the journey is going smooth. It's day 11 and let's get into it. Woke up at 10 late yeah and done my morning routines, had tea and breakfast. It was raining where I woke up and it continued for a little bit.

After breakfast did some chart works on market and I headed after the rain calmed down a little. My friend was going abroad for pursuing his career so went and met with him had a little chat and said our goodbyes and Wellwishes and after a bit a I headed back home.

At around 2 had lunch and back to some more charts and market. After sometime at 5 I headed out again to meet up with friends and we went for having tea. After tea we decided to climb a little hill that we used to go every now and them. It's very good place to watch sunset but because it's rainy and cloudy the sunset is not visible nonetheless we went anyway and enjoyed there a bit.

After sometime it got dark and we headed to our usual spot and chilled there for the night. At 10 we headed back home and had dinner. After enough Instagram and YouTube went to sleep around 2.

Some pictures from the day

Thanks for checking out my post and see you in a bit.

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