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My dog fave

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1 year ago

I am an animal lover, especially dogs which are my most favourite animals. They have been some people’s only companies these days as well as (being) human’s best friends for thousands of years. A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he/it loves himself/itself. This means that they are so loyal and loving that they can make a really wonderful companion. It is also said that a pet dog can feel like a member of a family. People often show their love to their pet dogs in the same way as they do to their children, and the feeling is mutual. What I like the most about this animal is that it/he is always ready to offer its/his unconditional love to its/his owner. You know, even if you’ve been so busy that you haven’t had enough time to give your dog the attention it deserves, it’s still madly waiting for you to come home and welcome you warmly. When you’re feeling down and thinking no one loves you, you always have a canine partner to make you feel better and happier. They never judge and are always happy to see you return, whether you’ve been gone five hours or five minutes. People with dogs are shown to have had less heart problems as well because they get regular exercise from walking their pets. In addition, in terms of mental health, having a dog improves dog owner’s mood and alleviate stress which in turn means lowering blood pressure. However, you have to know how to deal with such animals. What I mean is that, they need constant supervision, attention and caring that includes walking, feeding and exercising them frequently, which means your devoting a great deal of time, effort and energy. I wish I could have one, but we have a strict rule regarding keeping pets, especially dogs where I live.

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Wellcome to you. hope to you be well every time. Work is hard yet to be do work and you will be success. thank👌👌👌

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1 year ago