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The Evolution of Boston Dynamics and Money w((´ω`))wワオッ!!

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2 months ago

I love watching YouTube video which Boston Dynamics posts once in a while to surprise how far they have come. Every time I watch their videos, I feel that “Oh, The Terminator is for real now! LOL!” The latest video they posted really amazed me that the robotic era is just around the corner. And, for some areas like logistics and transportation businesses, they have been already adopted and working in automated lines. In other words, the robotic era has come already whether we realize it or not.   マ(。Д゚; 三 ;゚Д゚)ジ!?


In 2009, Boston Dynamic released “PETMAN Prototype”. According to them, “The ´PETMAN´ is the first anthropomorphic robot that moves dynamically like a real person”.


ME: Well, you don’t even have a head! NO HEAD ROBOT  Hah!


In 2011, the PETMAN kept evolving! It can keep its balance and can walk.


ME: Well, you can walk, but you can’t run! I do!


In 2013, the PETMAN become to be able to run and wears protection suits. Fashion!


ME: What! Well, you do not surprise me!


In 2016, the PETMAN/ATLAS can walk outside of the laboratory which means that it can walk on uneven surface monitoring wherever it goes keeping the balance.


ME: OK! Well, you got a new name then. So?


In 2017, the ATLAS shows incredible movement abilities with many likening it to “parkour”


ME: OMG! I cannot even do that… Did you beat me? What!


In 2020, Boston Dynamics released the latest video that showed that their robots including the ATLAS, which move very smoothly human-like movements.


ME: It is a danger to the human race! (Well, just kidding!)


It is incredibly amazing how far they have come and how much they have evolved the robotic technology. It seems that the 3D printing system gave a better formation of the robots which enable them to move very smoothly without any lagging movements. Amazing!


And then, I was wondering how far the modern financial system, MONEY changed/evolved.


The Evolution of Money


Barter (EX. exchange one item to another)


ME: I want a fish, so let´s exchange it my meat.


Commodity money (EX. Shells, salt)


ME: What? You gave me salt as my salary? The Roman ere….oh oh.


Gold (It is rare and scarce so that it can store the value. BUT it is HEAVY!)

ME: It is shiny and rare. Well, it is darn heavy. How can I carry this?


Metallic money (EX. Coins)

ME: Yay! It is lighter than gold. It is convenient to use it.


Paper money (EX. Money notes)


ME: Yay!! It is lighter than coins. It is more convenient to use it.


Credit money (EX. Checks. Well, it is convenient, but we need to trust banks…)


ME: OK, so this piece of paper holds some credit and it can redeem to money if I write down the price on it, right?


Card money (EX. Visa card, Master card, etc. Well, we still need to trust banks…)


ME: OK, so this piece of the plastic card holds money that I have in my bank account, right?


Electronic money (EX. Central bank digital currency, aka CBDC. It exists in banking computer system….)


ME: OK, so the government wants to check the total incoming and outcoming of my digital money, right? Wait, sucks!


Cryptocurrency! (EX. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Digital transaction without going through any third-party entity such as banks)


ME: OK, so Roger Ver controls all BCH I own, right? (JK JK LOL)


It is cool to think that how far we have come and how far we are going! 


Let’s keep in mind that we are an early adopter of cryptocurrencies! We, human beings evolve whether we realize it or not, and if we do not adopt the change, we die.



The Evolution of Boston Dynamics (YouTube, 11 Network Australia)


English Language and Usage (Etymology of “salary”)


Wiktionary (salary)


Barter system






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Written by   23
2 months ago
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