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One Japanese phrase every day! (・∀・)/ イイネ!! No.32

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5 months ago
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Let’s learn a Japanese phrase from anime/manga every day! (・∀・)イイネ!!


I pick up a Japanese phrase from anime/manga (almost) every day to learn Japanese with you all!


I hope this (almost) every-day update post will help you get motivated to learn Japanese.



Today´s phrase is:


Jpn :  お化け屋敷に住むのが子供の時からの父さんの夢だったんだ


Phonetic:  Obake yashiki ni sumuno ga kodomo no toki karano otousan no yume dattanda.

(Satsuki and Mei´s father calls himself ´otousan´which means dad.)


Eng: Living in a haunted house has been my dream since I was a kid.


(I have learned everything important in my life from animation/manga)

I grew up with animation from the Studio Ghibli like many children grew up watching Disney films, many Japanese children grew up watching films from Studio Ghibli. And, Totoro is my old favorite when I was a kid. I have a key chain of Totoro which I use every day. I bought it when I visited the Ghibli exhibition when it was held in Kobe, Japan. Yay!




お化け(おばけ)obake: noun; monster, ghost, demon

屋敷(やしき)yashiki: noun; residence, estate, mansion

に, ni: particle; at (place, time)

住む(すむ)sumu: verb; to live, to reside, to inhibit, to dwell

子供(こども)kodomo: noun; child, children

の, no: particle; possessive particle

時(とき)toki: noun; time, hour, moment

からの, karano: particle; from, since

父さん(とうさん)tousan: noun; father, dad

夢(ゆめ)yume: noun; dream,

だった, datta: expression; was, were




Which anime/manga is the phrase from?

My Neighbors Totoro



Who said the phrase?

Tasuo Kusakabe


Who is Tatsuo Kusakabe?

Tatsuo Kusakabe (草壁 タツオ Kusakabe Tatsuo) is the husband of Yasuko Kusakabe and the father of Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe who works at a college as a professor of Archaeology. (Fandom)



Who wrote and illustrated?

Hayao Miyazaki



 My Neighbor Totoro (Fandom)


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Written by   27
5 months ago
Topics: Language, Learning, Culture, Anime, Manga, ...
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