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One Japanese phrase every day! (・∀・)/ イイネ!! No.26

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1 month ago

Let’s learn a Japanese phrase from anime/manga every day! (・∀・)イイネ!!


I pick up a Japanese phrase from anime/manga (almost) every day to learn Japanese with you all!


I hope this (almost) every-day update post will help you get motivated to learn Japanese.



Today´s phrase is:


Jpn :  春は夜桜 夏には星 秋には満月 冬には雪 それで十分酒は美味い。


Phonetic:  Haru wa yozakura, natsu wa hoshi, aki niwa mangetsu, fuyu niwa yuki. Sorede jyubun sake wa umai.


Eng: Cherry blossoms at night in spring, stars in summer, full moon in autumn, snow in winter, and those make the sake delicious enough.


(I have learned everything important in my life from animation/manga)

Sei Shōnagon (清少納言, c. 966 – 1017 or 1025)  a Japanese author, poet, and a court lady who served the Empress Teishi (Sadako) wrote in her dairy book what she loved the most in each season. And, she worte:

春は曙(あけぼの)。 In spring it is the dawn that is most beautiful.

夏は夜。In summer the nights.

秋は夕暮れ。In autumn the evenings

冬はつとめて(早朝)。In winter the early mornings


For me, I love cherry blossom in spring, blue sky and white clouds in summer, falling colorful leaving in fall, and the darkness in winter the most beautiful things in 21st century 😊



春(はる)haru: noun; spring, springtime

は, wa: particle; topic marker particle, indicates contrast with another option

夜桜(よざくら)yozakura: noun; cherry trees at evening

夏(なつ)natsu: noun; summer

に, ni: particle; at (place, time), in, on, during

満月(まんげつ)mangetsu: noun; full moon

冬(ふゆ)fuyu: noun; winter

雪(ゆき)yuki: noun: snow

それで, sorede: conjunction; and, thereupon, because of that,

十分(じゅうぶん)jyubun: adjective; plently, enough, sufficient, adequate

酒(さけ)sake: noun; sake, Japanese rice wine, Japanese alcohol

美味い(うまい)umai: adjective; delicious, appetizing, tasty





Which anime/manga is the phrase from?

Rurouni Kenshin


Who said the phrase?

Hiko Seijūrō XIII


Who is Hiko Seijūrō XIII?

Hiko Seijūrō XIII  is the twelfth successor of Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū and the sensei of Himura Kenshin in the anime/manga series Rurouni Kenshin. While incognito as a potter, he assumed the alias Ni'itsu Kakunoshin. (Fandom)


Who wrote and illustrated?

Nobuhiro Watsuki



Rurouni Kenshin


Hiko Seijuro 13th (Fandom)


Nobuhiro Watsuki




Sei Shonagon 


The Pillow Book

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Written by   23
1 month ago
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