One Japanese phrase every day! (・∀・)/ イイネ!! No.25

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Let’s learn a Japanese phrase from anime/manga every day! (・∀・)イイネ!!


I pick up a Japanese phrase from anime/manga (almost) every day to learn Japanese with you all!


I hope this (almost) every-day update post will help you get motivated to learn Japanese.



Today´s phrase is:


Jpn :  私が生まれた土地の匂いまで感じてもらえるような… そんなカレーを作りたかったんです…!



Phonetic:  Watashi ga umareta tochi no nioi made kanjite moraeru youna…sonna kare wo tsukuri takatta ndesu.


Eng: You can even feel the smell of the land where I was born ... I wanted to make such a curry ...!



(I have learned everything important in my life from animation/manga)

I love curry! This is how to make Japanese-style curry. It is a bit different from the original curry which is from India. I love both Indian and Japanese curries. (・∀・)オイシイ!!




私(わたし)watashi: pronoun; I, me

が, ga: particle; indicates sentence subject

生まれた(うまれた)umareta: verb in the past tense; was born,

土地(とち)tochi: noun; plot of land, lot, soil, locality, region, place

の, no: particle; indicates possessive,

匂い(におい)nioi: noun; smell, aura, whiff, scent, smacks of, flavor,

まで, made: particle; up to, till, so far as, even,

感じて(かんじて)kanjite: verb; to feel, to sense, to experience

もらえる, moraeru: verb; to be able to receive, to be able to take, to be able to accept, 

ような, youna: pre-noun adjectival; like, similar to

そんな, sonna: pre-noun adjectival; such (about the actions of the listener, or about ideas expressed or understood by the listener)

カレー(かれー)kare (curry): noun; curry

を, wo: particle; indicates direct object of action

作りたかった(つくりたかった)tsukuritakatta: verb; want to make, want to produce, want to manufacture, want to build, want to construct

んです:udesu; expression (phrase, clause); the expectation is that, the reason is that, the fact is that, it is that,





Which anime/manga is the phrase from?

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma


Who said the phrase?

Megumi Tadokoro


Who is Megumi Tadokoro?

Megumi Tadokoro  is a 92nd Tōtsuki Generation alumnus, a Polar Star Dormitory resident, and one of the heroines in Shokugeki no Soma. She is also the former 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council. (Fandom)


Who wrote and illustrated?

Tsukuda Yuto






Food Wars! (Wikipedia)!:_Shokugeki_no_Soma


Magumi Tadokoro (Fandom)


How to cook Japanese curry? (YouTube)

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Topics: Japan, Japanese, Curry, India, Indianfood, ...