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One Japanese phrase every day! (・∀・)/ イイネ!! No.12

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2 months ago
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Let’s learn a Japanese phrase from anime/manga every day! (・∀・)イイネ!!


I pick up a Japanese phrase from anime/manga (almost) every day to learn Japanese with you all!


I hope this (almost) every-day update post will help you get motivated to learn Japanese.



Today´s phrase is:


Jpn :  優勝することなんて、なんの意味もありませんわ。 問題は、私がどれほど熱くなれるか。。。


Phonetic:  Yusho suru koto nante, nanno imi mo arimasen wa. Mondai wa, watashi ga dorehodo atsuku nareruka.


Eng: There is no point in winning. The question is how passionate I can be. .. ..




優勝(ゆうしょう)yusho: noun; overall victory, championship,

する, suru: verb; to do, to cause, to become, to make (into)

こと, koto: noun; thing, matter, incident

なんて, nante: suffix; such as, (things) like

なんの, nanno: noun or verb acting pronominally; what kind, what sort

意味, imi(いみ): noun; meaning, significance

も, mo: particle; too, also, in addition, as well,

ありません, arimasen: verb in negative form; to be, to live, to have, to happen

問題(もんだい)mondai: noun; question, problem

は, wa: particle; indicates contrast with another option

私(わたし)watashi: pronoun; I, me

が, ga: particle; indicates sentence subject, but, still

どれだけ, doredake: expression; how long, how much, to what extent

熱く(あつく)atsuku: adjective; hot, passionate, ardent, zealous, enthusiastic, intense, severe, extreme

なれる, nareru: verb, to become, to get, to be, to reach, to result in

か, ka: adverb; in that way





Which anime/manga is the phrase from?



Who said the phrase?

Sayaka Honami


Who is Sayaka Honami?

Sayaka is an extremely spoiled daughter of one of Japan's richest families. She has never failed to dominate any sport she has cared to try. When Yawara shows her up, she decides to stop at nothing to defeat her and becomes her rival. She has a false tooth, which is a sore point for her, and one that Yawara keeps accidentally bringing up. She becomes Yawara's rival not only in judo but also for Shinnosuke's affection. (Wikipedia)


Who wrote and illustrated?

Naomi Urasawa



Yawara! (anime/manga)!


Naoki Urasawa


YouTube 雨にキッスの花束を



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Written by   23
2 months ago
Topics: Japan, Animation, Japanese, Manga, Anime, ...
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