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Bitcoin Cash is heading in the right direction (・∀・)イイネ!!

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2 months ago

Coin Shares published Digital Asset Fund Flow Weekly the other day.

According to BitcoinWiki, CoinShares Group is "Coinshares Group is the European leader in Crypto-finance with over $1 billion in crypto-assets. Coinshares offers two globally traded ETNs based on the decentralized cryptocurrencies bitcoin (Bitcoin Tracker One and BTC Tracker Euro) and ethereum (Ether Tracker One and ETH Tracker Euro)." (2)


The weekly report shows which cryptocurrencies attracted investors to transact the flows. As you may guess, Bitcoin (BTC) is their favorite option to invest in the transaction, and Ethereum (ETH) comes to second place, and Ripple (XRP) is the third place.


The figure shows that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) comes the 6th place in the chart. As well as, Binance (BNB) and Polkadot (DOT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) attracted investors because of their low transaction fees.


It is interesting to see how Bitcoin Cash (BCH) keeps attraction for investors as their choice.


XRP saw an inflow of assets, as well as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), was also seen (USD 4M), Polkadot (USD5m), Binance (USD3m). It is nice to see that Bitcoin Cash attracted more investors than DOT and BNB.

Coingecko shows that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) surpassed Litecoin (LTC) by market cap as of April. 21st, 2021. Now, it is on the 9th biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap. There are more than 8000 cryptocurrencies, maybe more than 8000 in the world, and it is amazing to keep the popularity as well as keep trust from the community as a method of digital cash.


BCH is true digital cash as Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to invent.  Satoshi is happy as BCH grows. 😉



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Written by   23
2 months ago
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