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Fearing God made me think twice

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4 months ago

Do you fear God, let's be honest does anyone ever really think about God, I mean, where is society today, let's be honest, I barely see anyone talk about religion any religion, Christianity Buddha, Islam and other religions I can't name right now I mean back in Bible times religion was a very number one thing people would fight Over it kill even stone a person for their beliefs, I mean The Killing and stoning part isn't really a good thing, but that's what people were willing to do back then for their belief, so what are we doing now like do any of us even pray anymore,

I mean like really pray what's the last time you did it any of us and if you did what did you pray for whom did you pray to I mean what are we really back in those days you could actually hear the voice of God coming from up above just as clear if you could hear a doorbell ring can any one of us hear him now no I'm not talking about those people who don't practice what they teach or just agrees and says yes he talks to me just two make themselves look good

I mean if you can hear God I mean like really hear him ear to ear can you make out what he's saying are you even listening are any of us even listening anymore did his voice die down because of all the loud music we play or Maybe it's a video game we play daily you know that entertainment that draws us or maybe it's Channel 4 News maybe we're paying more attention to the crime shows we watch being told of how many people were murdered today how many schools were shot up by another child or maybe it was the victims of rape and abuse that has all are attention or you know what it could be the missing children never found or the racism the neglect.

Oh yes let's Not forget the categories we put are selves in the middle class the upper class, working class and let's not forget the poor the gangs, some people choose to join against black and white the Mexicans so many sides so divided you know I started reading some of the Bible you know, like small but not the black Bible I mean like small pamphlets with each Bible story in them just taking bits of information in it helps just by reading it it helps me to gain what little faith I have lost

I bet some people don't ever really think about what happens when they die that remains a Mystery Untold Story some people just look at death is something that's completely normal, it's an everyday thing and it's true people are dying every day in every country there will always be death, no matter how young or how old no matter how clean or dirty they are what do we say to the kids when they ask us what happens when we die what do you tell your child are you an atheist do you tell your child we just died and that's it whether you believe or not you tell them something that's worth believing in something better tell them a story of a Beautiful place meant for them it's that simple

With all the crime the shootings racism forest fires the hurricane the corona virus that's spreading country to Country e I've always tried to make the right decision because I've red his pages I know better I am fearful of what is to come and the more I read I know every decision I make is being judged or will be judged and this life I am living now I know it's not permanent and when I die I can only hope by reading his book and learning that I did try to listen.

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Written by   2
4 months ago
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