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Son Is Whom

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2 years ago

Today, I don't grope good as a result still now I can't write anything.. Virtually, when I have a lot attention that time I susceptible to write a lot within few times but when I don't have any attention that time anything don't ensue too speedily.. It's the primary labyrinth of mine.. Anyway, as writing is mandatory so, anyhow I should write at least one article which aids me to increment my concentration.. Whatever, once in a while we see that parents wrangle each and others for getting their son.. That means with one side father said that son is my and with another side mother said that son is my.. But now interrogatory son is whom..?? Cause, if their son remain any gf then apparently the son told her baby i am just yours.. But on the opposite their parents start to wrangle for just son.. Verily, although it's ridiculous but also tangibility.. 😐😐

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Wonderful one

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1 year ago

wonderful writing

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2 years ago