My Aim In Life: Part-1

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My Aim is to be a good and ideal teacher, and it is my aim in life.

My aim in life is not only to become a teacher but also an ideal and good teacher. I like to become a good teacher because teaching is a very noble profession and I am passionate to pursue it as a career of mine. It is all of my encouraging matters that as a teacher, I would get an opportunity to be a part of another individual’s life and play a transformative role in his or her life. But do you know where this inspiration comes from in my life? Yes, you can imagine good that this inspiration to become a teacher comes from the role that teachers have played great in my life. You know very well that there are various steps in the process of becoming a teacher that requires sincere effort and willingness although there are also several difficulties associated with the profession that I need to prepare to endure and it is the real scenario for most of the people becoming a teacher in their life. The great inspiration to become a teacher have its own colors and values I understand. It is natural that the inspiration to become a teacher comes from my experiences with my beloved teachers who inspired me in all spheres of my life. Really I believe that teachers have a lasting impression on our future as they prepare us for the best future and that's why I want to play such a role in the life of other people and help shape their life. So, it is clear to all of you that it has really inspired me to take teaching as a prospective career choice. But there have many duties regarding this profession.

I strongly abide by the that a teacher has several important roles to maintain in his or her life also in other words must perform. So here are those points the first and foremost one is to teach the students the subject in a way that they are able to understand the concepts and internalize them and discuss the topics with one another like brainstorming. But, apart from the subject, the teacher plays an important role in instilling good values in the students that have the ultimate meanings and it is necessary a lot in the mind of the teacher. Also, teachers should have good qualities regarding their subjects, should have good characteristics in their minds and must be well-mannered, and should be soft and good behavior to the students. Absolutely this is very much relevant for teachers handling students in the primary and secondary levels, is not it? I believe you also agree with me. Here is another interesting point the teacher also monitors the behaviors of the students and disciplines them, surely sometimes by monitoring the students, some of the teachers become so angry and shouted in front of them and lost their maturity and self-respect. One teacher should be more careful regarding this bad issue. By the way, above all, a teacher needs to inspire the students to be responsible and good people and there are many other points to becoming an ideal teacher. And obviously, an ideal teacher is more liked by his or her students as well as the student's parents too than a normal teacher and it is the bitter truth.

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