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Real 'Globalism' Wants Unity On Earth Without Top-Down Control & Government

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2 months ago
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National borders are little more than ideas that humans agree to maintain through belief and written records. Despite their seemingly fragile construction, we have had them for a long time and there are many who refuse to even consider a world without them.

When talk of global unity appears, many nationalist thinkers are often quick to jump to visions of a one world government, whereby freedom is totally killed and replaced by an ultimate pyramid of power that dominates everything and permits very little. Their claim essentially being that nations somehow prevent these problems and deliver freedom.

However, nations are generally based on limitation of freedom under threat of violence and also often lead to war just by their existence. So the idea invoked by nationalism is often that the limits imposed by (insert favorite Nation here) are needed and that any alternative would be worse.

In reality, there is a wall of fear driving matters behind the scenes and rather than expansive ideas of how amazing life could, these thinkers propose a closing in of borders/self in order to try to protect from the risks 'out there'. Somehow, it's nearly always the case for Nationalists that they were born in just the right place on Earth to make sure that their own Nation is the best and most righteous - not unlike the way this same pattern plays out for many people involved in world religions.

As with religions, the controlling entities involved in the management of nations will often resort to selling their populations that any opposition to the continued existence of the nation is evil and dangerous. If you didn't view the rest of the world as dangerous and life as difficult, you wouldn't need the government and they'd lose all their special powers - so they will often go to extreme lengths to drum up fear and challenges to give them impression they are needed.

The idea that has long been sold by people like Alex Jones of 'Infowars', is that almost every evil act is one put in motion by 'the globalists', who are actually a small group of families seeking total world domination. These people do exist, but by focusing on the fear side of the situation, he omits to allow a more joyful alternative from benefiting from his passion. Essentially, he is actually reinforcing the power of 'the globalists' by telling a narrative that suggests that people must 'take back control of their nation', as if that is the only possible answer. In truth, this just continues the national power structures that 'the globalists' have long since gained control of and which have been build almost solely to achieve control of populations.

Those seeking real freedom recognize the truth that national systems of governance almost always result in a loss of power and freedom that is far too extreme to be healthy. The losses might seem subtle at first, but over time their effects become inescapably difficult. Often this leads to a revolution or some other change, but as long as the nations continue to exist, to divide and to overpower people - the problems will never be solved.

Real globalism is based in the realisation that it is possible to live as nature does - without artificial borders - and that this is beneficial. When we see ourselves and our planet as a singular life force or energetic structure/community, we can start to harmonize among ourselves organically. Without the centralized and often heavily warped/confused dynamic of government getting to shape relations between people, there is much greater chance of the people relating to each other in a healthy way.

Deep awareness of the real unity of all life is necessary in order to stop war permanently. What would a totally peaceful world look and feel like? It is possible, but we have to know where we are going to get close enough to it that it can become real for us.

A global unity based on mutual respect and shared values that are aligned to survival and wellbeing is very possible. Intelligent use of our time and resources can, over time, lead us to a place where we no longer believe that we need to imprison ourselves into heavily defended land boxes!

Eventually, we will collectively address our fears and leave timidness behind, to allow new possibilities and for new ways of living to emerge that close the gaps between cultures that are currently stirred up against each other through deliberate propaganda, that is aimed at turning a profit and dividing people as much as possible.

The more we understand human psychology and prioritize empathy and listening to others, the better decisions we can make on a constant basis, to allow ever more connection and mutual respect between groups. The only other option is war, destruction and suffering of the kind we are seeing more and more of at this time.

What is your vision for a unified Earth? What do you think the lessons are that societies most need to learn in order to live together in harmony?

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Written by   8
2 months ago
Topics: Life, Love, Freedom, Global, Read, ...
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