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Planning forward.

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4 months ago

Look forward, not backwards.

In such a fast moving industry as crypto it's easy to spend your time looking at missed opportunities.

When Splinterlands went 20x a lot of people were saying how they sold cards and collections just before the pump. That they regretted selling now that everything was so valuable.

I think that the majority of people here regret not buying bitcoin when they first heard about it and could be living the millionaire lifestyle as we speak.

The fomo is real and when you are living it in real time it's very easy to forget how early we are in the game. For every successful project that we see moon. There are hundreds that fail. People have short memories on those failures and how much that was lost before having any success.

I've invested in so many project with great ideas that didn't last a year or some that never made it past the whitepaper. The few like splinterlands that have been successful were the slowest successes. It was as simple as the fact that the team were involved with the community. The game was fun and they had a bit of luck to make it happen.

It's all about the future and the next opportunity. If you miss one, then look for the next one.

I'm still all in with my splinterlands and have kept buying up more and more cards over the past year as prices have been dropping.

Then I'm looking for another project with a good plan, a proper team and a real use case. For me that is always going to be leofinance. Everybody else can do their own research but this is where my focus lies now.

They are constantly developing, constantly updating the community. Building while the markets dip. The signs are good and the community fanatic, just like with splinterlands.

All that is left now is to position myself as strongly as possible for when it does gain more popular recognition and prices catch up. Even better is having the ability to be part of that push and get involved with promoting a project that i have a lot of faith in.

I might have passed up on bitcoin a couple of times in the past because i didn't fully understand the concept but some of these latest projects are fully on my radar and it's great knowing that we are still the early adopters.

Hopefully that millionaire life is still waiting a few years down the line.

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Written by   8
4 months ago
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The information is helpful. I look forward to a better future through the crypto space.

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4 months ago