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How effective are experts recomendation?

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3 months ago

Comes the market plunge and you get to come across a lot of article over internet for possible sector or stocks to do the investment. I belive this happen not only in India, but remain a common story all over the place. Last two days, Indian stock market has taken a sharp plunge after some changes in the repo rate by RBI. And soon the outcome is falling market indices. Same happens to crypto market as well. But how effective are these stocks recommendation from the experts. ?? This remains a tough call to make.

5 years ago, I went with once such investment suggestion and today it worth a penny to me. It was a stock recommendation from my banker and prominent demat service providor in India. They usually used to send me email with some strong buy suggestion of some stocks every week. I happen to ignore them. But once I went with one such recommendation and I vested a good amount in one banking stocks. Ultimately that stock fell to scratch and my investment get null.

May be this kind of situation crops up to many people. Instead of doing own research they like to listen to expert recommendation and invest their hard earned money into stocks recommendation from these experts. And ending up bearing up huge losses. Even when such prominent bankers fail to judge the market movement, ot becomes quite tough for common people to do own research. Yet it is always suggested to make own research before investing.

After my experience I started to avoid all these emails and blocked them to appear in my email. Sometime it gets pretty difficult to ignore when you get to see some of fsvpurite on your list. I lost my money in a banking stocks which generally doesn't happen easily. But I am not more scared from any kind of stock recommendation. I get the same experince in crypto market as well. After listening and following some coins I went with one coin and as usually happened it sank.

I am just curious to know, how many people fell prey to such kind of recommendation and losses the money. It's not easy to keep ignoring when you are into tading habits. Bit the effectiveness of these recommendation are nowhere. One need to be alert and make own study before they get into such recommendation.


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Written by   8
3 months ago
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