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At What Price Would You Like To Buy Bitcoin?

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2 months ago
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Bitcoin has been moving around $30,000 for about 2 weeks after the sharp drop. Although many in the crypto market expect further declines, Bitcoin does not want to move away from $30,000.

In general, most investors think that Bitcoin will move lower. Some say it will go down to 22K, some say it will go down to 20K, and some say it will go down to 10K. Although most wealthy investors and experts dream of such a drop, it is really surprising that Bitcoin has not fallen further. I really wonder who are the buyers who buy under 30K.

There are even those who say that Bitcoin will fall below 10K. Guggenheim chief investment officer Scott Minerd says in an interview with CNBC Squawk Box in Davos that Bitcoin could fall as low as 8K.

These are interesting predictions indeed. Could Bitcoin drop to 8K? yes you can go down to 8K, this is normal. But when the number of people saying the decline will continue is incredibly large, why isn't this decline happening? that's what's interesting. So who is buying? I guess that's the key question.

I think a lot of people dream of buying Bitcoin at low prices. I think that's why they want the price to drop even more. If they are lucky, the price may drop even further.

Although many people predict that Bitcoin will fall further, I remain optimistic. I don't know where the price of Bitcoin will go, I think nobody knows. Price is not that important to me anyway. Yes, I like to buy salsa. But I like to build while the bears are struggling in the market.

Do you think the price of Bitcoin will keep going down? (So ​​what price would you like to buy Bitcoin at)

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