The whole concept of life .Tetris

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The whole concept of life ... and even the character of a person can be seen as a party of Tetris.

Sometimes it doesn't matter what life throws at you, but how quickly you put the thing in the right place.

The Japanese who invented karaoke did not patent them, because he did it literally out of prank to entertain the society ... when he realized how crazy the world was at the end of the last century, it was too late to prove that he was invented it.

Unlike Bill Gates, who 20 years ago, barely managed to prevent 0 and 1 from authorizing for Windows ... there are people who haven't been yelled at for every penny they can make ... and that with their invention, and not as mentioned above.

The time in which the action takes place is the twilight of the USSR ... at a time when Rambo was defending the fraternal Taliban from the evil Russians ... and Rocky St. Apollo was fighting in enemy territory in the heart of communist Russia.

In the middle of the 80's ... young nerd Alexei, from the Academy of Sciences ... made another novelty with which he wanted to test the abilities of the system and entertain his colleagues ... combining the words tetra with his favorite sport tennis, he called it tetris. Almost at the very beginning, comes the version we all know.

Very quickly, everyone at the institute becomes enchanted by such a simple and ingenious game.

Soon, the nerds begin to share floppy disks with the game, and they spread like wildfire through the grayness of communist Russia. They also come to the Moscow Institute of Medicine ... where they will soon ban it because employees play Tetris all day instead of working.

Soon, Russia itself becomes too small for that the Polish and Hungarian nerds soon started to neglect their work, for the sake of breaking the record of that little Tomas from the laboratory or Andrzej from the technical department.

And here the dark forces of the west enter the scene, to which the naive on the other side of the Iron Curtain are not accustomed.

In Hungary, Robert comes into contact with the game. Tiny software dealer. He immediately realizes the potential that Tetris has. And it triggers an avalanche of events, for which it is not clear to me that Hollywood has not made a film so far, especially at this time when it is recycling films from only 10 years ago.

Elem, Robert sends a fax to Russia, with an offer of representation. Alexei, of course, agrees. Not knowing one thing or two things. 1. There was no intellectual property in Russia at that time, your inventions, your body and your soul belong to the party ... 2. In the West, the fax had the legal weight of a document. After accepting the proposal in principle, Alexei released Robert, who wanted to put his paws on Tetris as soon as possible.

Robert runs around the world, telling everyone that he has the right to distribute ... Soon giants like Atari and Nintendo enter the whole story ... everyone is fighting for Tetris ... all that time, neither Alexei nor Russia itself have a cent of that. Robert, who eventually becomes Alexei's friend to this day, sees what is happening ... wanting to help Alexei, and to keep this golden cube, he informs even Gorbachev himself about the events ... Nintedo must stop the pre-Christmas contingent of nintendo console with tetris game.

Suma sumarum, while Alexei, as the author, came to determine the conditions and take the money ... almost 10 years have passed since he invented the game. Tens of millions of dollars slipped under his nose.

But this sickly optimistic Russian with that specific "d mol" look, thinks that he is happy with these few millions that he managed to earn.

What’s more, I’m sure you’ve not only played one but two of his games.

Minesweeper or miniskirts, which were clicked up in almost all our offices, is also his idea. Minis are just designed, not for fun, but for clicking ... because the mouse was just becoming an integral part of the desktop configuration in those years, so Microsoft, in collaboration with Alexei, came up with a fun way to get people used to clicking.

He moved to America, and got a job at Microsoft.

He still claims that his greatest wealth is to know that literally the whole world enjoyed his game of Tetris.

And Alexei is a really instructive example with his attitude, as I gave at the beginning ... it doesn't matter how life throws you, but how you fit in.

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