The Last Supper

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Launching the painting "The Last Supper", Leonardo da Vinci faced a big problem: he had to paint Good - on the image of Jesus and Evil - on the image of Judas, a friend who decided to betray him during the dinner. He broke up in the middle of work until he found the perfect models. One day, listening to the church choir, the young man seemed to him created in the image of Christ. He invited him to his studio and made a series of sketches and studies of his face.

It's been three years. The "Last Supper" was almost over, and da Vinci still hadn't found a satisfactory model for Judas. The cardinal, responsible for arranging the church, began to put pressure on him, asking him to finish the fresco immediately.

After a long search, the painter noticed a prematurely aged young man, in rags, lying drunk in a ditch. He asked his assistants to take him to the church, because he no longer had time to make sketches again.

The disheveled man was taken there unconscious; his assistants kept him on his feet, while da Vinci drew lines of ungodliness, sin, and selfishness on his face. When he finished, the tramp - already a little sober - opened his eyes and saw a picture in front of him. With disbelief and sadness in his voice, he said, "Well, I've seen that picture before!"

- "When?" da Vinci asked in surprise.

- It has been three years since then, before I lost everything I had. Then my life was a dream; I sang in the church choir and the artist invited me to pose for him in the image of Jesus. "

Good and Evil have the same face; it all depends on what period of life will be intercepted on the way.

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And you know who is not on this painting? Maria Magdalena. She was present, one of his disciples too and the owner of the holy grail.

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