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Stories about zoo monkeys

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8 months ago

Monkeys are very interesting animals, who like to always be the center of attention. Those at the zoo, in particular, always make different devils. I'm going to tell you a few interesting experiences with these interesting creatures.

Stolen hat and shh he's asleep

It was a long time ago. I was very small, sometime in '94 or '95. I was so happy because it's my first time at the zoo. I had a pink hat on. It was my favorite. My friend give it to me.

Like any child, the most attention is drawn to the monkey cage. We approached them immediately. I had popcorn in my hand. Right away, one of the monkeys came up to me and gave me a hand. I knew he wanted some popcorn. I gave him a few. He cheers up right away, starts examining some strange noises, and keeps going around me.

But I didn't know that monkey was even a thief. I had no idea he liked my hat and wanted it for himself. He gave me his hand again, and I came up to touch him. But he stole my hat and put it on his head. At first I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I was surprised. I wanted my hat back. I was looking for him, but the monkey wouldn't give it back to me. I was worried about crying.

The monkey put his finger on his lips and said "shhhhh". And with the other finger, he pointed at the sleeping monkey.

And that's how my hat stayed with the monkeys.

My son and the naughty monkey

Just like my parents took me to the zoo, that's how I'm taking my son now. This time, the monkeys are even more naughty.

They still like stealing kids' hats. These younger monkeys like to spit on kids, and they like to swear and say bad words 😂😂😂

My son was just looking at them in amassed.

One monkey, they say, likes to show women his sex organ. Hahaha, he showed it to me, too. 😉

Even if monkeys are sometimes silly, not cultured, and goofy, don't get mad. They just want to get attention. Well, for God's sake, monkeys are jungle animals, they don't know anything about etiquette. They don't know about good behavior.

But not all monkeys are bad. There are those who are worth mentioning. This is the story of one of those.

Sammy- Belgrade zoo's most famous monkey

This is Sammy, the most famous monkey. He arrived at the zoo in 1988. And he died in 1992.

Adult chimpanzees, especially males, are extremely dangerous and aggressive animals, several times more powerful than humans. By walking around town twice and not attacking anyone or doing any damage, Sami showed his greatness.

Sammy was buried in the zoo's backyard, and he even got his own memorial.

We'il remember you forever, dear Sammy

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Written by   18
8 months ago
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Sammy is cool, I think he has come back to life reincarnated as Sammy the squirrel in my local park. Chimpanzees are awesome animals, I remember in zoos they used to have chimpanzees' tee parties, where they would sit and have food and put on a show for the visitors. thank you for this post, you have made me realize I need to go back to a zoo soon!

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8 months ago

Beautiful monkeys, I think you should have one in the house too. There are a thousand monkeys in Belgrade ahha So little should be said about childhood.

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8 months ago