Some foods do not need to be reheated at all!

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If you are cooking food that you plan to reheat for several days, think again. According to the recommendations of the profession, some foods are not suitable for reheating after preparation, because they can be harmful to health. What is the problem?

Nitrates, which are most often found in green leafy vegetables when they are first heat-treated, do not pose a health hazard. When the food is cooled and then heated, nitrates are converted into nitrites, and those into nitrosamines, carcinogenic compounds. The problem is that these compounds affect the ability of the bloodstream to carry oxygen, which leads to respiratory problems.

Bacteria are everywhere, and they start attacking prepared food as soon as it cools down enough, and they continue to do so as long as it stands at room temperature. Rapid heating of food cannot completely eliminate bacteria that have multiplied and entered the deeper layers of food.

Protein degradation in some protein-rich foods due to enzymes and microorganisms can cause rapid food spoilage. When such food needs to be reheated, toxic substances will be formed.

It is not recommended to heat the food, because dangerous consequences can occur: poisoning, nausea, vomiting, stomach problems, and even botulism. Here is a list of foods that are not recommended to reheat:

Rice - freshly prepared or in a bucket!

There are countless recipes with rice and they are all delicious. It is an important source of carbohydrates, but the disadvantage is that rice dishes, in addition to us, are also loved by bacteria. If you do not put it in the refrigerator immediately after cooling, but keep it at room temperature, the spores of bacteria will multiply and create toxins. These toxins can lead to vomiting and diarrhea by consuming standing rice.

Some smart guys will think that this is easily solved by heating the rice, and they will make a mistake there. Toxins in heated rice will not disappear, on the contrary, their concentration will increase.

Spinach, celery, greens, chard…

It is not recommended to heat green leafy vegetables headed with spinach due to the formation of nitrite. You have probably already heard from your grandmothers or mothers that spinach is eaten only freshly prepared. If you still want to leave it for later, put it chilled in the fridge and eat cold later. It is especially forbidden to give the mentioned heated food to children!

Soup in which because boiled celery for the same reason you must not reheat. The same goes for all dishes with green leafy vegetables. It is better to prevent than to cure.

Chicken, turkey and eggs

Poultry meat, just like eggs, can be infected with salmonella. Poultry meat has a higher protein density than red meat, so heating, in addition to the appearance of bacteria, also causes a problem with the breakdown of proteins. That is why the taste of preheated chicken is always different from a freshly prepared dish. Microwave ovens cannot heat the depth and surface parts of poultry equally as ordinary ovens.

Consuming hot chicken or turkey, as well as egg dishes can result in various digestive problems.

Potatoes - the problem is with food storage

Another representative of carbohydrate foods is on this list. Just like rice, potatoes are obviously attacked by bacteria as the food cools and stands at room temperature. Among the dangerous bacteria, clostridia stand out, especially C. botulinum, which has ideal conditions for reproduction, especially if you store potatoes in foil, ie without the presence of oxygen.

Heating will not neutralize this cause of botulism, an infection that can be very dangerous for the brain and nervous system.

Do not heat the mushrooms either!

Mushrooms are a healthy, protein food, which is easily decomposed by reheating. So, nitrites are not the problem here, but the decay of the proteins themselves. Mushrooms do not tolerate long storage after preparation and the advice is to consume them as soon as possible. Whether it is mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, chanterelles or some heel mushrooms, take care of the expiration dates and never leave them prepared for later. This will prevent toxins and stomach problems.

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