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Global warming and 15 degree weather in December

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1 month ago

I have written about global warming before and we agreed that it is very much present. However, today I can show you a concrete example of what a day was like in my city. The pictures you see were taken from my window at 10 AM

Today, on the 30th of December, one day before New Year, my small town that’s located in the Balkans in the Northern hemisphere saw an exceptionally warm day, very untypical for this time of year.

During the afternoon, it was 15 degrees Celsius outside and the sun was shining just like it were a spring day and people were walking in the street in their t-shirts. This made me think about global warming and how the Earth’s temperature is rising every year.

It now makes me sad when I remember the winter days of 20 and 30 years ago when the snow covered the streets for months at a time and children would go out to play, build snowmen, and sled down the hill. Even though I like spring and summer, I don’t think this kind of warm weather should be seen at the very end of December.

Now is the time for snow, bliss, and crackling fireplaces, not for t-shirts and ice cream. I know it may sound extraordinary, but I took pictures from my living room window which I will attach here.

One day, I hope that I will once again see a winter’s day that will be just like it was when I was a young man or a boy. I want to walk in snow-covered streets and see children playing in that snow, just like I and my friends did so many years ago.

I'm happy at least that my two daughters were lucky enough to experience winter days similar to mine when they were little children. Whenever the snow would fall, they would put on the warmest clothes they had, grab their sleds, and pull my sleeve until I agreed to bring them to the nearby park. Then, they would laugh and play together before one of them hit the other one in the face with a snowball and playtime would have to be cut short.

Even though this warm weather was pleasant and a lot of people went outside to enjoy the sun, I still don’t think this is good for our planet and our health.

If all the ice caps melt and the North and South pole become without snow and ice, a lot of cities, countries, and islands will be underwater.

However, if I look on the bright side of things, I can at least say that if that happens, my small town will be unaffected even though a lot of my neighboring countries will be. And then, I can go to the beach whenever I want to.

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Written by   249
1 month ago
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