Courtship or harassment

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These relationships between people are too complex to be regulated by one law, and problems arise when one person likes another, but another does not like it and perceives seduction procedures as aggressive and unpleasant.

Is there a time when a man will not be able to look a woman in the eye? A few years ago, the term "eye rape" was coined, which refers to the measurement of a woman by a man. As far as I understand the announcements on social networks, this will also be incorporated into the new laws that have recently been given a new function, and that is to change the consciousness of the people.

Laws should reflect the existing morality in a given society, and their new role is to impose new rules and new morals. When it starts to touch the language, interpersonal relationships, both in the family and those in the public sphere, things become problematic.

Social engineering and experiment

The big question is to what extent these laws will succeed in building a society that is in line with the ideas of the legislator, and how much these experiments and social engineering will only complicate different areas of life.

We can focus the analysis on a situation in which one person - who likes another person - tries to establish contact and communication with another person. The goal of this contact is for the first person to determine if the other person also likes them so that they can have an intimate relationship. By intimate relationship we mean an emotional relationship, but also any other form of relationship in which two people enter into sexual exchanges with mutual consent.

If people like each other and want to enter into an intimate relationship, then there is no problem. Problems arise when one person likes the other, but the other person does not like the first. It is a situation of conflict between the desires of the first person and the unwillingness of the second person.

There are different motives for one person to express affection for another person, and therefore different names for the same behavior. Courtship is a form of nice behavior of one person who wants to provoke affection towards another person, with the goal of achieving an emotional connection. Courtship should be distinguished from complimenting, when one person praises another but does not want to have a relationship with him. Also, seduction should be distinguished from courtship, when the person who seduces has some hidden motive. For example, he offers marriage and only wants sexual intercourse or has some other hidden goal. The more a person is able to distinguish the nature of expressing the affection of the other party, the greater his erotic intelligence, which is part of social intelligence.

Courtship is never one event, but a process of reciprocal evaluation of two people and gradual rapprochement. At any point in this process, either party has the right to waive the relationship. What is known from the confessions of different people is that someone who was negatively evaluated at the beginning became very positively evaluated during the courtship process, which eventually led to an emotional relationship and marriage.

Courtship is a very important social phenomenon because it allows people to establish emotional connections and, perhaps, to get married. When the laws begin to regulate this subtle area, then the question arises where is the line between courtship and sexual harassment. In order for social life to take place in this area as well, it is necessary to define the rules.

One of the rules is that sexual harassment is a form of unwanted courtship. In other words, it is a situation when the interested person does not accept the rejection of the other person, but continues to court and thus becomes aggressive.

Respect for the other person

Why does an interested person ignore another person's negative signal? Sometimes there is not enough clear signal or the person misinterprets it. Sometimes the signal is too harsh: "get off", which is a call for some other kind of interaction. Sometimes a person is simply in love and it is unacceptable for him to be left without the "love of his life". Sometimes a person perceives rejection as a negation of their value: What, I'm not good enough for you, huh? Sometimes a person thinks that he has been rejected only because he has not shown enough of his affection, so that he intensifies his expression.

All this is too complex to be regulated by one law. The solution is to educate young people at the age at which they are interested in mating: how to approach, how to accept rejection and how to refuse, all from a position of self-esteem and respect for the other person. And that cannot be regulated by law.

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Questioning is the first step to gaining wisdom; it is only when we question that we strive to seek answers.

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As for me, Courtship is much important when starting or building a relationship. Surely, respect for one another is really a big impact for your future progress as one.

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