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Youth process that enhances life and challenges routines

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5 months ago

<<Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of the spirit>>

All the stages that make up our life and our process are memorable even if their nuance was not or is the most positive, because in the end human nature always ends up seeing both sides of the coin, we end up finding something positive in heavy or negative situations but that in turn contributes to our development, returning to the topic; youth becomes one of the golden and most outstanding times of our lives, for what it makes us feel, mainly spontaneity and freedom, which accompanies us in every step we take during this cycle, urges us to run after authenticity, after the unique nature that lives in us, likewise, fear is not on the order of the day, youth is the stage where fear does not exist or if it does exist it is in minimal quantities, that is why we are always behind what generates life for us and passion during this stage of life.

Youth makes our days something extraordinary out of series and out of the routine, it is perhaps the main reason that distinguishes this stage from the others that may come, because there is no room for routine, there is only room for the irreverent, for what causes feelings and reactions full of spontaneity and naturalness. Let's define what youth is specifically "It is the stage after childhood and before adulthood, it is a middle stage whose objective lies in maturity and transformation for the next life cycles to come." Although it is the stage that challenges many aspects, including routine, sobriety and boredom of the basics, it does not mean that it is a stage of debauchery, on the contrary, it is a stage that offers us different perspectives of life, which much later thanks to all these we will choose what lifestyle we will have for what remains, as I said freedom and debauchery are extremely similar words but their meanings are like two opposite poles, freedom is a right that we all possess, it is basically the right to choose the decisive and notorious aspects of our life but based on standards, standards such as not harming anyone and much less doing something that goes against the imposed laws, instead debauchery is making use of freedom but without looking at the consequences of the actions that we promote daily.

Although it is a stage in which things out of series abound, it does not mean that there are no things with which we should not tarnish or ruin our Youth, we must say with conviction a resounding NO to all those things that are harmful to our health, that even cause irreparable damage if we do not know how to deny ourselves before them, such as vices, bad habits, errors and things that degrade, we can lead our lives to destruction, fun is not only found in the aspects mentioned above there are quantity and variety of experiences and things that do not need vices or errors to make us full and happy or to complete our youth experience, this is a super disruptive stage, thanks to the fact that it awakens in each one of us a lot of questions that little by little we will answer and that in turn Perhaps these are important for the moment of creating our character.

Life in this cycle for the first time with much more awareness and reason than in our first years allows us to observe all the aspects that make it up, many polarized, many even create fears and insecurities in us, because it is a stage of awakening, a stage in which we are barely breaking the shell to go out into the world without someone around us, because little by little we begin to take off from the side of our parents or the nest, to seek, understand and know the correct way to fly, often learning from mistakes and blows, although many are terrified, it is the oldest technique and the one that can truly give us results, because we learn from mistakes, failures at this stage are the order of the day, it depends on our attitude give up or insist to form our own criteria of life, which little by little leads us to true transformation.

No life is complete without having created experiences with nuances of madness, madness, although it carries notes of foolishness and little sanity, are aspects that we need even once in a lifetime, the touch of joy, happiness and insight should not be extinguished with the Youth, on the contrary, we must carry it implicitly in our soul, we must even take care of our inner child, doing on certain occasions things that only fill that part of us with happiness and fuel so that it never turns off or dims, youth it is a stage that never ends if you decide so, do not allow time, routine and life experiences to tarnish your good character and humor, stay true to yourself and your paradigms, especially today which is the international day to commemorate everyone, because today some of us are young, others soon and others at some point in their life cycle were.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   45
5 months ago
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