Your best and most important project is you

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<Invest in yourself, in your mental and physical health, in your knowledge, learn and create incredible moments because you are and will always be your best project>

Dear readers: Life is plagued by stages or seasons, in the first we are inexperienced, until now we are knowing ourselves and defining what we will be in the future, but precisely those are the ones that will mark the rest of our lives, it also depends a lot on what our parents instill in us, but also from us, from the decisions we make along the way, from the values ​​we acquire, from the value we place on negative things to change them for strengths.

Not always staying with knowing only one side of the coin, discovering that the world has many facets, that although there are many of them that are negative, always staying with the good, the beautiful, the positive that each one can offer us, venturing into to know, the unknown, to open doors, perhaps in one of those we will stay because that is life, first we have to make mistakes to learn from those mistakes and be able to have the wisdom to choose well, of course we will never be sure of knowing if we knew do it, there will always be doubts, or what would have happened if, but we must put them aside without any guilt because at some point along the way we make those decisions with all the conviction in the world, do not feel guilty if a door closes, it is God speaking to you or giving you a sign in some way because it is not that way, that path will only bring negativity into your life and tea is taking away pain, we must be clear that much better things always come.

In a way, being alive is waking up from a very deep sleep in which our soul is calm, without knowledge and when it wakes up it wants to learn more, but above all to give itself body and soul to LIVE, it is to recognize, to praise all those who surrounds everything we have because whoever is not happy with what they have will be less happy with what they think they think they lack. That is why I want to give you some advice, work on yourselves, do not be afraid of CHANGE, the only sure thing in this life is change, everything changes, mutates, flows, so you are free to change, fly high, leave fear aside, this only chains you, do not be afraid or ashamed to face your flaws, because we are all made of them, even so we do not stop even being imperfectly perfect, take them and turn them into your greatest strength, no one has the power to point out or judge them more than you, no one is a judge in anyone's life, you are your own judge, change for the better, to improve your life, to be stronger and make decisions that only lead to your own success.

Success is a word that does not mean the same for everyone, what for me personally may be success, for you it is not, for the one next to you it is not, nobody is wrong, we all have our own own truth, although it is inevitable that people evoke their opinion, it is necessary that they do so consciously from RESPECT, from kindness, from empathy, because hate only poisons our lives, throwing bad comments unconsciously can even damage the mental health of That's why people, friends, must be PRUDENT, not all of us have the ability to take bad things and turn them into positive ones, this can only be gained by working for ourselves, for our mental health, because a healthy mind is synonymous with a healthy body.

Work on our self-esteem, love ourselves in all our facets, in all our periods, love each person we were in the different stages of our lives, because if you analyze you are not the same as yesterday, much less the one you were a year ago. the experiences, learning experiences change you, or you decide to change yourself, because you simply want to be better and to be better you must change, your thoughts and your way of acting, never forget this YOU can change your life, when you change your thoughts think positive only attract positive things, thinking about abundance can only bring abundance to your life, thinking about hate and negative things only bring bad and horrible situations to your life, the power is in your hands and you have to take action because otherwise life will end. It will take care of making decisions for you that you might not like and it will be too late even when you realize it.

THANK all of our versions, because all of them have undoubtedly contributed something, even the most mediocre one that did not know anything but thanks to that at that precise moment that I took the initiative to take action, learn new things, things that in the long run only they would come back wiser, to thank even for the decisions that at the time we later regret, thanks to ALL that today I am a better person, who every day seeks change, in any way thoughts and actions that ADD and not that REMAIN, but above all I I forgive and free myself from any bondage in the past, because to enjoy and live 100% in the present I have to let go of the past in order to make room for the good and beautiful things that come to my life, stop planning so much for my future without do anything to create a great present, because if we wait for the famous right moment we can lose a lot of time, in which we would have worked for many more opportunities, live grateful, live today, be grateful for everything or what you have and value it many people would like what you have and you are the lucky one to have it.

I love all my versions and I thank each one of them because without them I would not have made the best decision of my life, which is to work on myself and in all my processes.

And have you already started working on yourself, on your self-esteem, on your physical and mental health?

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life is a way of how to manage our own lives most people only think for their dreams but can't see the state of themselves, it turns out that you are not only a beautiful woman but good at life's inspiration stored.

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