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Woman, you are powerful Do not fear, break schemes! Be yourself!

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7 months ago

<If your dreams are immense it is because the capacity you have to realize them is also immense, don't stop until you feel proud>

It is unfortunate to see that even today many people look down on women, pondering us as the weaker sex when, on the contrary, we are the support of the world, we are powerful, we are capable of achieving and doing whatever we set out to do. Rubén Darío famous journalist and poet said "Without women life is pure prose" and how gratifying it is to see that even in times when women did not have so much prominence or freedoms there were irreverent thoughts that already exalted women, who already knew that without women the world would not be the same, they call us weak but we are strong and powerful, that we can do different things at the same time without becoming overwhelmed, we can work and jointly we can carry out the housework or do other tasks at the same time, because being a woman is not a limitation, on the contrary, it is an honor, only you must decide the course of your life.

The capacity and integrity that women have are not equal to that of another being, since each of the women that exist in the world are different, unique and magical, in a few words, in each one you can find and discover an irreverent and unique that cannot be found elsewhere, we are all super women, we all have within us a power and a strength that makes us unique, like the one in the movie, a woman who has managed to inspire female empowerment through a somewhat fictional character, to show the world the other side of the coin, which is that women are unique and we can be whatever we choose to be, as long as we have determination, discipline and fight every day to change and be better, although all of us who carry and we exalt the female gender we are different there will always be qualities that unite us, qualities that we share such as human warmth, the love that we can give to others without any borders and also compassion without saying discrimination against others, especially those who need it, that makes us powerful women, loving women, women capable of giving everything for our dreams and for what we love and whom we love.

There are many women who have been an inspiration and help so that the world stops seeing us as weak, there are many who since ancient times have fought for their ideals, for the idea of ​​showing the world that we were capable and were good for much more than just wearing housework, that our dreams were also worth it, thanks to her courage and to expressing her ways of seeing life and her ideals that for generations passed to other women the world today is different, a world that sees much more than before the value and the grace that women have before the world, as well as there are women who are still struggling to equalize and take women to another level from different fields, as was the case of Frida Kahlo, a painter who, in addition to making history for She did her great artistic works for thinking differently, for being an irreverent woman who set her own pace, she did not let herself be carried away by social stigmas, she created her own vision of the world, her own parameters and although her or through this world it has already left an indelible mark and even after so many years it has the power to empower women to choose to be what they want, because feet are not needed to fly when we already have wings.

It is not fame, it is the power to help others through their voice, through their convening power and the service to others that they always have, such is the case today of Oprah Winfrey who discovered her vocation in public service, achieving even create foundations with the aim of helping many children who do not have opportunities to change their lives, for the better, so that when they grow up they have a future and also do not go out of their way to help all the women who need it most to make their voices of women who are afraid to tell their story are exalted, listened to and respected, that is why Oprah is someone who currently deserves great recognition from the public because she has given her life to the beautiful work of serving to make her dreams a true purpose positive.

It is this type of women that we have to look for and become our source of inspiration, our base to be better, analyzing their stories, their personalities, always getting positive things out of them, instead of harboring hatred or envy towards others, the best thing that we can do is create the best version of ourselves by trusting in ourselves, in our purposes and dreams, since at the beginning of every story no one believes, but little by little, working in silence and letting our success make all the noise, we They will add more people who will give you strength to continue even more in times when you feel low, where you think you can't, because to achieve anything we set out to do, the first thing is to trust in our skills and abilities.

Another great tip is that we must be able to put fear aside or continue even when we are also afraid, because if we do not take risks we will never win, take action on the matter, do not wait for opportunities to come to you, create them yourself, always look for the way and the way to go after them, although not every day is beautiful and the sun rises it is important to always have a good attitude but above all to be clear that yes can always win that we must change no for yes, because we are women capable of meeting goals and objectives but to the extent that we fight for it, to the extent that we do not give up.

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Written by   45
7 months ago
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