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What happened in this world, only the memory remains

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8 months ago

<You have to give pleasure to taste, life soon ends>

From a young age they instill in us the false thought that we are eternal that we are forever, when we must live a life aware that it is fragile, it can go like a sigh, but not only ours that of our loved ones too, we know the day that we come to this world but the day that we have to leave it is a complete unknown, but that our passage through this world must be something completely unforgettable, unique and tremendous for us, taking advantage of every sigh that has been given to us, taking advantage of that we can come to this world to make our process an event, that although we come without a manual, in the process we learn to live life, because we only have one to get the most out of it and thanks to it create the best moments of our life, that after all we come to the world with nothing and we leave the same, we only take everything lived, the experiences and all the memories of which we were once a part.

As the song says, you have to give pleasure to taste, because we don't know how, or when, or where, life surprises us that our passage through this world is exhausted, there are many people who unfortunately wanted more time who expected more, either by experiencing or by the simple fact of sharing with loved ones, we are exposed to go through many processes in this plane, regardless of our social conditions, we can experience things both good and others not so much but that nevertheless help us and also benefit us , that is, we learn from them, we learn that even if there is darkness there is always a dawn that the sun's rays always come out for those who trust, for those who have full confidence in life and in their deities They are transformative processes, processes that personally are equal to the process of the butterfly, an animal that at first is completely different and for both a little ugly, but as it goes through the stages that correspond to it, n shows you that things change, that how rare it was becomes a thing of the past and there is only something very beautiful left to see, but not only do we learn this from the butterfly, it shows us that those who at some point missed it because it was strange and a little full of ugliness were the ones that at the end of their process changed their conception, but this is something that happens more often even in our daily lives, with people who perhaps do not care so much about the physical or what one looks like. it represents the interior or our interior, they are people who go further, only the material and everything that this represents seems relevant to them, they are only with people when they have riches, the rest of the time they are beings to the left.

In addition to enjoying ourselves, trying to transform our lives and our thoughts into healthy routines that only bring out the best in us, we must also become selective people, selective even of experiences but above all of people, since there are too many people who only seek to be there when the storm step, but if you analyze the process, only a few were there and it is those few who truly deserve to live and experience the greatness that life is giving you for having lived your process with strength and patience, to the other people who only seek to be at the In the end they are kept at bay or at a distance, because actions speak louder than a thousand words, they are things that when the time comes you will learn if not that life has already given you that lesson, on the other hand, do not look at the things that happen to you as bad, neither do you Give yourself a lot of time to mourn, because time is running out, time is short, what today or at this moment hurts you and hurts you later will give you As you know, you have a creative solution, because the only thing that has no solution is our departure from this world, so enjoy yourself, enjoy your family to the fullest, tell them how many you love, love and appreciate them, maybe tomorrow will be too late, to your friends to those who have truly been accompanying you and giving you words of encouragement and to everyone you consider important to you, let them know that your love, support is completely natural and pure, that they can count on you because they have been people who have done the same for you, but also let them know that you value their presence in your life, don't wait for them to be 3 meters underground, do it now, today that you can, don't stop enjoying letting the right moment pass, because that moment is NOW.

And finally look for your happiness, but do not look for it in material things, because it is a decision that lives in you, that no one else can come to take for you, it is something that you must constantly choose, that only you can do that in your days the sun rises even though it is really cloudy, as well as value the small great things in life, those that are within your reach but that you do not see because you only feel clouded by the material when you change all this for more intangible things I assure you that You will feel the fullness of life, you will feel peace in all aspects of your life, but not only that, love will be the most important flag of your existence.

Make your days count, remember that it is not one more day, it is one less.

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Written by   45
8 months ago
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