We are at the best point of the human evolutionary process

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<<The important thing is not to stay alive but to stay human>>

Thank, value and appreciate words loaded with a lot of meaning but undervalued, given that they are not given the position they deserve, or on the other hand they are used but the action that precedes the words in conclusion is not truly ratified, there are many who usually use these words but they are empty words because they are not supported by actions that ratify them, a very clear example is that many say and chatter in reference to that they love and value the world, the planet, but loving and valuing imply caring, respect and transmit messages of awareness to others, so as not to fall into the same toxic repetitive cycle that sinks us and also plunges the planet into a state of degradation that unfortunately has no solution or way back unless we truly put our hand in the heart and let us be conductors through our actions of how important it is to take care of our planet, our home in which we also create our another home with our family, loved ones and everything we need.

I have seen countless reports that indicate that we are living one of the best stages of the human being and his evolution, reading this automatically creates a precedent in the mind, a precedent that urges us to investigate and nurture ourselves more and then evoke conclusions and verdicts that are are supported and based on solid foundations worth the redundancy, in order to form solid thoughts and ideas that we later share with other people to raise awareness, thus achieving a repetitive chain where said person is also in charge of telling them to others who will undoubtedly do the same, because It is not just an idea of ​​scientists, an idea tested by professionals, even without going very deep, only with certainty and being analytical and retrospective with everything we know about history over time, quick results without any kind of hesitation and research will obviously show us that we are indeed in a stage that wherever you look at it we are completely blessed, due to many factors, such as equality, currently beings have clearly stripped ourselves of inhibitions that prevailed in the air in other times that were the trigger to evoke verdicts full of criticism and accusations against others, forgetting completely that this is the nature of the human being, that is, to be different, in this lies our mysticity.

Clearly, respect is also today an irrevocable and unbreakable basis in the human being, which is also part of equality but which is supremely relevant for the good coexistence and development of all, which in addition to being a basis and tool is a value. that our parents teach us from a very young age as well as empathy, which basically is solidarity with others, especially when they are going through hard times in their lives, difficult stages where only those who truly appreciate and value prevail, the aforementioned make up a formula created to fight life, also to create connections with anyone that last over time and not just people, it also creates in us attitudes to handle any life situation that comes our way. Although those mentioned above are values, but values ​​that previously only existed in empty words and that have now managed to give a new twist to life as it was previously known, therefore we must applaud the process we have undertaken to achieve such preceding.

On the other hand, it is impossible to deny that we are in a stage of evolution not only spiritually, nor as a society, but in life itself as we know it, that is, we see so many industries rising and creating precedents, which in the future will be greater achievements, if we we go back hundreds and hundreds of years ago just when we were barely in full evolution as primates, we can observe thanks to history all the turn that the world has taken, in terms of infrastructure, inventions, food, entertainment, communication and many more that have been achieved make a difference, all of this comes to us thanks to those humans who were gradually making sense of growing up, that is, an unwavering need to form and create what they did not have as things they had in their hands that through the years those Utensils themselves have been revolutionary by innovating. I want to place special emphasis on primates and this entire branch of the human evolutionary process, because today is the international day of primates, who were and continue to be part of what the human being was at some point in life, it is also to thank his creativity and his development to initiate the empowerment that today is more alive than ever with all of us.

The mentality about how blessed we are to live and experience this process in life is only for those who raise awareness on a daily basis, especially after living a process that for many was shocking in addition to the first, such as the pandemic, a process completely evolutionary that led us to reformulate each part of us, that led us to question our ways of living and above all urged us to be more grateful because after a couple of years we still have the faculties of life that many others could not achieve .

Thanks for reading, Happy primate day!

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