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Time as well as beneficial is painful

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3 months ago

<<Take advantage of the time you have because it is limited, live to the fullest, value, enjoy and be grateful even for the least, for being with your loved ones, for breathing and for being healthy>>

If you have ever searched and investigated what time means, it is a physical magnitude with which the events we experience in life can be measured, although we cannot see it, it is omnipresent and always present, it will always accompany us, it will always take us from the hand and although it does not speak nor can it express itself, it is urging us, it is urging us to be faster, to do what we so much want quickly on time, it even urges us to dare, to be brave through hidden messages that we must learn to decipher In addition, time does not discriminate, it does not understand classes or social positions, no one is immune, no one is invisible to it, we must learn to respect it, to value it, to enjoy it because it may be that our time is running out and we do not know it, while we are emphasizing the false idea that we are eternal when we are immortal beings, no one has purchased life.

Many times we have the inability to perceive and accept that just as we are all different, we all have different times, we are all obviously governed by our criteria, many times it is a matter of knowing how to allocate time, we think we do not have time, but there is time that we do not have The habit to which we have been turning our backs is to organize ourselves and our time, our clock to be able to integrate and not limit ourselves to doing certain things, because although it sounds cliché there is always time for what is important to us, as well as inevitably we turn our backs on what is not important and that has no importance in our lives, many times we reflect what we live in others, by wanting to manage the life and time of others when obviously each one has a life of their own for handle and manage it at will, we reflect what we feel, what we live and our beliefs in others a rather limiting aspect, a devastating aspect that leads us to disappointment because it is evident that everyone has the power to make decisions.

On the other hand, we must accept that everyone lives in their own time and process, we are all different, we are all governed by our own clock at our own time, only that in that time it is necessary to understand that we are not eternal than the minutes, the seconds. and the hours go by and they don't come back, we must be able to say goodbye to situations and people who have already fulfilled their time and their mission in our lives because many times difficulties arise when we have not yet overcome them, when we have not yet disassociated ourselves from those things that already had a time in our life, we do not give space for better aspects to arrive, many times we remain hooked to what was for fear of not finding experiences and people of the same or better quality, although the pain of those traumatic experiences and negative ones can be eliminated or faded with the passing of the months, with the passing of time because time, knowing how to enjoy it, will always be the best medicine for any illness.

Time brings positive and negative aspects, one negative is that unfortunately we have to say goodbye to people we love forever because they have fulfilled their role in this life, it is a hard time, a time of reflection, a time of questioning full of tears, sadness but that over time we learn to overcome, this week was painful I had to say goodbye to a very important person and also part of my family nucleus who fulfilled his time in this world and now he has to develop on another plane, although deep down I know what It was the best for him. It's still painful, it's sad. The first few months are always difficult, they're always traumatic, but one day little by little it stops hurting and begins to become one of the most beautiful memories of our lives.

Time is diverse, time has everything!

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   45
3 months ago
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