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The world must join forces

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3 months ago

The world needs more love, empathy, respect and understanding, the world needs more people who give without expecting anything in return, without any kind of interest, it lacks more education especially in childhood, in growth, impregnate our generations future of many values, because apart from all this the world needs to unite its forces, it needs to put aside the refusals, the vengeful and the envy that only poison the soul of those who feel them and suffer them, we must always be diffusers of love and education, from our possibilities, support those who need it most, be in solidarity with those who unfortunately have been harmed by not having a good growth, given that they have not had a good family nucleus or due to various characteristics that have blocked the possibilities of have good knowledge and growth as normal and common people would have, because what we have to spare is worth sharing, it is worth distributing it to the world.

The world will always be the same, the difference is made by the citizens and the great organizations that make life in it, today especially the day of the United Nations is celebrated, an organization whose purpose is to watch over and safeguard the rights of all the nations of the world, it also ensures that nations always opt for sustainable development, that always take into account the degradation of the environment and climate change, it is also present in more social issues such as gender equality, food production, human rights, in fin is an organization that tries to take into account the needs of the people, also invites us to join forces to put aside the accusations, discrimination and join forces, regardless of where we are in the world because in the union is the force.

Let us remember that working as a team, working with more people regardless of their social and geographical conditions would help us obtain different results, extraordinary results because two heads are better than one, feeling harmony when sharing our work with people will make us more empathetic, supportive, compassionate, will motivate us to help even through grains of sand in the lives of others, especially the lives of those who need it, of those who need a helping hand, because basically the meaning of life is given by love, love helps us to put our feet on the ground, remember intelligence without a spark of love makes us wicked, success without love makes us arrogant, beauty without love makes us ridiculous, faith without love makes us fanatics , work without love makes us slaves, poverty without love makes us slaves, wealth without love makes us greedy, love is the engine of the world, love h It makes the world a better place and especially the people who live in it because it makes them more supportive.

In the end, the benefits are for us, love always returns multiplied, solidarity also gives us emotional advantages, it leaves us with the satisfaction of having helped and turned the day and life of someone else, someone who needed it into something extraordinary, also makes us fight for a cause, for the cause of wanting to help and unite our forces to the world, also through our example we will be leaving traces and educating through our example, in short, values ​​exalt us and even more so when we put them into practice every day It is not to say that we have them, it is to show that they truly prevail within us by helping others, especially those who need it, because we must join forces to win.

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Written by   45
3 months ago
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