The true heroes live among us and do not wear capes

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<The most rewarding and beautiful jobs in the world are linked and related to helping others and always doing good>

Extremisms are not good, that is, idealizing and deifying people like us is not fruitful, it creates limitations even for our mental health, since it silently creates insecurities because we feel intimidated by the great achievements they have others have achieved, although it is not good to deify, it is good to recognize the skills and characteristics or qualities that make certain people stand out from so many crowds thanks to their human warmth and how given and good people they are. Deifying someone is something that has existed for generations, but they are learned behaviors and beliefs that you can abandon the moment you realize that it is not good to go to extremes, it is not good because we are all human, we all make mistakes at times. daily, we all regret normal human behaviors that exist in all the beings that inhabit the world.

The world taught us in recent years the value of the phrase that today's article takes as its title, because there are people who deserve applause, deserve recognition for the work and dedication they carry out towards the various communities where they work, That is why they are called heroes without capes, especially aimed at doctors, nurses and those who today deserve to be celebrated and especially applauded, firefighters, who are people who often risk their lives to save thousands of civilians who are in danger. , especially they are those that have on their backs the weight of making society aware of fires by helping us understand the steps to follow in case of emergencies that have to do with fire, although their main objective is to fight fires, which is why Many know them, they also have the brave work of rescuing people who have met the fate of having an accident and even help in natural disasters. Urals and floods.

All professions are admirable, all of us in this world have fought against all odds to meet goals and also serve others through our lifestyle, but we must especially celebrate, celebrate and praise all those brave people who decided to give their life for the well-being of the whole society, that is, to ensure our safety and the most important things we have in life, which of course is about health, they relieve us a little in terms of problems that are under their jurisdiction, therefore praise it especially today, which is a day to celebrate that they are extremely brave, strong, empathetic, generous, kind and charitable people who never stop doing good.

A few days ago I was reading news online, there are many that have the power to impact but especially one that emphasized people whose profession is firefighters rescuing grandparents or elderly people in a home that unfortunately suffered irreparable damage thanks to a fire that at least did not claim any human life, but destroyed the home of many elderly people who unfortunately do not have their family or their support, but in the midst of so much chaos they were thankful that at least everyone enjoyed a good health and in the same order also thanked the people who precisely had no responsibility and came to lend a helping hand to the homeless, people who until now have even helped to build up said infrastructure little by little, even children have joined to this noble cause, with this we can see the progress of society, that is, empathy and love are reigning in the hearts of many It's triumphing over laziness, hatred and apathy, turning these people into heroes without capes, heroes for those old people who will never forget the beautiful work.

We see that the heroes are not left alone on a screen, perhaps the example of fiction is touching hearts in the world, hearts that no longer see race, color, build or social status, hearts that want to form bonds with people of the same height as well as helping to change the world under the guideline of the actions we take every day, which is why today firefighters are celebrated, but also all those who volunteer and their life goal is to be instruments of good.

Thank you for reading!

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