The situation with the Venezuelan economy is unsustainable

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1 year ago

<<I want a Venezuela where smiles abound, where there are kind and forward-thinking people who fight every day to honor and exalt the country>

Venezuela without the slightest doubt is a country full of magic, culture, blessed forever, although unfortunately currently it is going through situations that we all know, but especially there is one that makes all its inhabitants worry, obviously the economic situation of the country. , given that over many years it has suffered too many changes and concessions that have led the country to negative extremes, now, especially a few months ago, it was thought that the situation would gradually be channeled, that is, improving, this due to that for a few months the situation with respect to the currencies would be somewhat stabilized, but especially in the current month that we are going through there have been a series of changes that have encouraged the country's currency to be destabilized again creating uncertainty again, given that many of us are even affected, of course there are those who are going through red moments with this and others who fortunately are have been slightly affected.

Unfortunately, there are many of us young people who, since we were born and have the use of reason, have only lived through the same political and economic conjecture of the country, but what really generates the feeling of sadness is seeing how my country developed in other times through the stories of our family or simply thanks to the internet age, which undoubtedly came to offer us a window like this platform to raise our voices and let off steam through writing, well today in the thousands of entertainment platforms, especially videos, they show the comparisons of the times when the country had a different economic and political face, where what is even interesting and incredible is that citizens from all over the world came to look for opportunities not only for jobs, but above all educational alternatives given that we have always had a great educational system thanks especially to the citizens who have given their lives to the development of their skills and therefore an e space of it to teach, to help others with their example and create people with high coefficients and culturally functional.

It is ironic to live in a stage where the evolution of the world in many ways is on the surface and until now it is just beginning, until now there are still too many transitions that help promote everyone, but Venezuela, my country, unfortunately, instead of advancing many times, is going backwards, obviously not only economically, which is ironic when we are a completely rich country in many aspects, a precedent for this is that we were pioneers with oil or the so-called black gold, which many countries unfortunately do not have this natural wealth and national therefore they extract it from Venezuela, not only that especially my state has always been 100% agricultural, it has always worked with the land, in my municipality in the golden years as my grandmother called them, one of the best coffee in all was extracted the country, in addition to the state of Táchira, has been a pioneer in the creation of radio systems for the entertainment of the population, we have even been an inspiration for the re st of the country.

Continuing with the central theme, the situation and the hysteria hit us all Venezuelans this week, due to the inflation in the costs of the official currency of the country, that is, the bolivar, this sponsored by many aspects such as the drop in oil, which is clearly of the main income of the country, as well as the brake of an injection that they had been giving to the BCV to stabilize the currency, on the other hand the payment to the teachers, which caused great losses due to the printing of new bolivars and to top it off what the low level of our reserves due to their frequent use, which helped the aforementioned result to be at least 10% inflation, which really affects everyone, especially in the purchase and consumption of food from the country's basic food basket, which is stipulates at least $300 per month and the salary with this new decay reached $17 which obviously creates rejection, indignation and even sadness, given that it was thought that little by little it was going to improve, that everything was going to stabilize again, leaving a bad taste in the mouth, especially due to the inaccessibility of living a decent life with all the food to create good nutrition as well, to fully access all the basic services, since for no one it is a secret how bad the country's main power generators are.

At the end of the day, just pray and hope for a miracle so that this whole situation is resolved satisfactorily and we can enjoy a good economy and clearly live in a country where opportunities abound.

Thank you for reading!

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1 year ago