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the magic of coincide

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Written by ย ย 43
6 months ago

Fate or chance?

Many mistakenly believe that magic is found in coinciding, but we find true magic when we connect much further with someone, when we give them a little more of us, more of our soul and more of our heart, since if you analyze, the world very often puts in our path many people with whom we coincide but only with a few of these do we manage to connect beyond this plane, it is something much deeper that nevertheless brings with it multiple positive aspects to our existence, such as knowing that it is something real and that not everyone can have, that is why life is transformative, magical and unique because it brings people, places and experiences capable of giving our lives a 360ยบ turn, although not all people believe in the magic of life, in its coincidences or coincidences the only thing clear is that the mystery of connecting between thousands of people, being in the right place is extremely unique, magical and irreverent, for this reason we must not only enjoy to the maximum as long as it is hard but to be grateful for the adventure of matching.

The saddest thing about coincidence or the magic of causality is that many times we do not live it and experience it to the fullest, because many times even these small miracles and turns in our lives are so small that at first they go completely unnoticed or perhaps Whether we think it is forever when the reality is different, they may have an expiration time and unfortunately because we are clinging or hypnotized in other life situations, we let it go by without living it to the fullest, without giving it its deserved attention, they are things that without Not even we know it, they give a little meaning to our existence, so I want to invite you to value more, to carry out an exhaustive analysis of things, of moments, but above all of the people that you feel and firmly believe that give another meaning to your life. life, that without you having been aware before, they return the luminosity to your existence when this happened, that fear does not paralyze you that you can demonstrate the same or more of what this person does for you and in your life.

On false occasions we think that the key or the key to happiness is found anchored to material things, when the world, although it is full of small things, but nevertheless give meaning to life such as smiling, dreams, love in form of hugs and caresses, colors, words of encouragement all those things that are the simple things of life but that are undoubtedly the meaning of it, as well as knowing, understanding and understanding that all our actions are directed under our happiness, under what makes us happy but also in the same process makes those who are with us happy, because in balance we find fullness, since you cannot be happy if you are not in balance and harmony with yourself, After this you will find the direct pass to happiness and you will know that perhaps it was neither coincidence nor causality, it was because you made the right decisions to make your happiness the center of your life.

There are too many occasions when we think that things are thanks to chance, when unconsciously we want that, we vibrate in it and we also act for it, for our balance, our happiness little by little finding our own path to follow and in this same process people, moments, places, experiences will be added or added to make our whole story something incredible to tell, something incredible to see, but it is not thanks to chance because it is based more on the fortuitous encounters of life, it is about causality since this is all that is behind chance or in a few words the opposite, since it refers to the work we do every day, what is behind what we call chance, the work, the commitment that we put into it day by day to work for our goals, so that you understand these two words a little better I will give you a brief explanation, chance is all those events that which we cannot avoid and they occur because that is how life has them prepared instead of causality, it is certainty, the work behind your dreams, that is, it is that situation in which we can ensure that it will happen in a way because that is how we do it. We decided, that is why the magic of connecting takes a bit of both, because they are fortuitous encounters that life gives us to turn them into causalities, to work on building unbreakable connections that are not broken by anything or anyone, not even by the passage of time. .

So most of the time it can be fate acting in the form of coincidences, but it is up to you, in your decisions, to turn these infinite connections into causalities, which will undoubtedly give your existence an unexpected turn, because that is life. , an ups and downs, full of ups and downs but nevertheless it is magical, it never ceases to surprise us, because reality many times exceeds fiction, so let yourself go, flow with the current, flow with the passing of the days, do not think about things too much, leave fear aside, do not let it paralyze you, do not let the famous impostor syndrome take over your life and limit you, limit you from living transforming situations that will not only change your existence but also the perspective you have on life, let life surprise you and like a magnet take you to its place, a safe place where you will feel at home, in your home.

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Written by ย ย 43
6 months ago
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