The artists are from another planet

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<<The artist is an engineer of the human soul>>

The human being is very privileged we have many ways to express ourselves, to communicate, to express what we feel, to materialize emotions and feelings, to express our visions of the world one way is ART, art is very broad, it covers many areas, from painting, through graphic representations, to melodies obviously using music or even through words translating them into poems, in writings that can reach more people who may identify because they feel similarly, art is impregnated as a another organ of the human being, it is said that it began in times when humans were just evolving specifically from homo sapiens, it is evident that art has a different definition depending on the time, since like everything in life it has been exposed to great changes and transformations that have given way to what it is today, in addition to artists, artisans also emerge, which is a branch and with concept that is often confused with artists since the uniqueness and familiarity of the word but the reality is that an artisan is one who is in charge of making multiple works but that obviously are not his, they are not original works while the art that makes a artist is completely unpublished, that's the difference but in the end both deserve recognition because they are ways of making art and contributing to world culture.

Artists through their artistic expression, through their art have the particularity or the opportunity to postpone a little of themselves, to leave a mark that obviously with multiple cares can transcend time, a part of the soul of the artists can remain for posterity, it can even influence the lives of others, it can be the push that someone needed to dare, to become an artist, we grow up surrounded by art, we grow up with art implicit everywhere, we grow up under the influence of art, since everything around us has to do with the culture in general and with the culture of our family, like the photographs of yesteryear that are still preserved of our ancestors, art has many ways of making us feel at home, it has ways of fostering connections that provide familiarity, art leads us to break the barriers of limitations, leads us to develop our instincts, leads us to create meanings that make us i undoubtedly connect with the artist, with his feelings and with his work.

Humanity has witnessed the birth, growth, development of multiple artists who, even after many years of passing through the world, are still in force, their legacy still transcends the years, evolution and technology, art is a balm, it is a refuge, art shows us that imperfections are also part of the world, the world can stand out with two types of people, those who have the ability to express and communicate through music, poetry, painting, sculpture in short, in some form of art and those of us who were born to appreciate and value it, both parties are artists, both parties love art with the same intensity, both parties deserve recognition, it is also extremely important to add that the world beyond having art Only in galleries or museums do we also see the reflection of artists in cities, implicit in the city's cultural heritage, such as sculptures in squares, paintings in churches, in short the artists have rewarded us with wonders for our eyes, even in architectures that have become an emblematic and important part of the city.

Artists have shown us that even when you go through strong situations in life, when you feel faint and do not know how to express what you feel, from joy, happiness, singularity, sadness or pain, all the nuances of emotions can be captured in works artistic, many artists of yesteryear used art as a driver, as an anchor to not drown in so many emotions as was the case with:

-Frida Kahlo Mexican artist, who has managed through her art and her way of thinking, style and perspective of life to cross the barriers of time, creating herself at this stage as a bulwark, because her work although it was self-portraits and manifestations of the situations she lived , her art managed to touch the hearts and fibers of people, Frida Kahlo managed to make her pain something memorable with the help of art, an artist who is definitely from another planet.

-Vincent Van Gogh, a man who also achieved through art to catapult his emotions, his feelings, an artist from another planet

If you are starting out in some type of art, I just want to ask you not to give up, because in the end the rewards are greater and more gratifying!

Thank you for reading!


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