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Solidarity is an important value that should accompany us throughout any stage

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3 months ago

<<The essence of life lies in doing good and helping in whatever is within our reach>>

In difficult times we truly know people, since there are those who stay and show solidarity with our causes while others, on the contrary, at the slightest sign of turbulent times run away, obviously not all of them have good intentions but fortunately many are taught in their houses primordial values ​​such as empathy and solidarity, the latter basically is the support and circumstantial adhesion that we have towards others or these towards us when we are going through certain adverse circumstances in life and it is not only supporting, on the contrary, it is also based on delivering what best of us when it comes to emotions and even material goods, being supportive is basically offering support, it is offering to serve, I particularly think that we all have the mission of contributing to certain lives, we have the potential to make certain people feel incredible in our company just as it happens with us.

Solidarity is an implicit quality even in our daily lives, since solidarity goes hand in hand with other aspects that are also present in everyday life, such as empathy but especially with kindness, as the famous saying goes, courtesy does not take away from being brave, expressing such basic aspects that are part of the education that we receive mainly from our parents, such as good morning, afternoon, evening, please, thank you, in short, rules of courtesy that in turn become consolidated as small gestures of solidarity, which we have integrated as habits since at a certain point we do it out of inertia, but they are habits that truly exalt us, habits that have great value, although many do not appreciate them, deep down we know that nothing weighs us down because we always act guided by love, kindness and education, they are qualities, aspects that are within the reach of any human, we can all always choose the path that leads us to be good good people.

Help, through actions and words that we issue to the world and to people, not only offers great benefits to those who receive it, but also to those who send it, since we are born with it, we come to this world being supportive and it basically develops even more when we empathize, analyze exhaustively thoroughly we can deduce and simplify that solidarity is one of the bases to survive in this world, since although we are individualists we need others, we must accept and leave the ego aside that prevents us from recognizing that in our path there are also people who put a grain of sand so that we can climb and reach the top, we also contribute to others in the same way, through small and large actions but absolutely all cataloged under the affection and empathy that these people give us, because the true energy that moves the world is love, love empowers us and makes us balance it under a new perspective, perspective that It leads us to discover, affirm and accept that in life you win, you triumph and you integrate more by doing good.

It is made more with honey than with gall, a rather cliché phrase, quite used and even old but that manages to describe solidarity, empathy, understanding and tolerance in one sentence, short but wise words, words that lead us to reflection, given to that we gain more when above all kindness prevails in our character, nothing like offering respect and understanding to the world, respect opens doors for us, empathy will always soften hearts, because when someone is transparent, when someone is sincere and their personality, character is positive and generates a great impact on the lives of others, you will be able to conquer any aspect, because there are small gestures that for many have no relevance that become the lifesaver of others, such as offering an arm so that people can vent, All we have to do is listen, without judging, without pointing out and much less rejecting, everyone lives different life processes, everyone has visions and beliefs. As different, all visions are fine, we all find our own balance in one way or another and we only seek to integrate people who do not judge, who support us, who sympathize with our emotions and feelings, the world currently lacks more understanding and empathy Because if we help, if we empathize, we are contributing to our own happiness and if we are happy, everything begins to flow as it should, everything begins to fit together and well-being will be constant and reciprocal.

Solidarity is basically found everywhere, especially today the day of the student is celebrated, which has the quality of being supportive, we all come and have diverse situations and lives, although similar, none compares to another, but we have particularities and do things up our sleeves that they can influence brightening the day, the time or even the whole life of someone who is having a bad time, either because they do not have the same life opportunities as us, we see how bullying attacks students, especially those who are deprived because they do not have economic or material aspects, we can contribute to making the lives of these people feel pleasant by avoiding and reducing comments that are out of place that overshadow or diminish happiness, because unhealthy comments do not evoke or truly speak of what is that person, they speak much more of those who emit it, by passing judgments and speaking excessively of others only truly distances us mind of what is our essence.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   45
3 months ago
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