People who become family

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<Blood creates family bonds automatically, but it is loyalty that creates true family, it is where not only our close blood family is but also those friends who have become family>

Life is so blessed that it always takes care of putting the right people in our lives, some who are just passing through like shooting stars and others instead are eternal and more than just friends become part of the family, family that many Sometimes we have the ability to choose, people who inevitably become people close to us because they are always there for us, their affection, their respect, but above all their unconditional support towards us always make them more than just friends, the most important thing in the family is not that they live together but that they are always united, regardless of time, distance changes nothing, on the contrary, bonds are created that make them always prevail in the face of any adversity.

Many have the belief that we should always be tied to people who, even being direct family members, have hurt us, or with whom we simply do not fit in, but those are the people that in one way or another we should keep a little away from our existence because with their bad vibes always steal our good energy, they monopolize it and do not let us arise, for this reason we must allow ourselves to create links with people who offer us love, respect, empathy, support and unconditional dedication, also clearly that LOYALTY, we all deserve to have people who Without a doubt, they always give us their company, time and support, although we do not come into this world with a manual on how to do things, much less how to care for and support a family, time and the same people are in charge of showing us how always make things work but above all that the family is based on love, forgiveness, respect, loyalty, empathy and support.

Nothing like knowing that we will always have people to return with, with whom we will always feel safe, in short, they are our safe place, even if they do not have luxuries, as long as one is close and united, they will give us and comfort us more than having all the money in the world, Having a family like this, whether we have built it ourselves or with the people we have blood ties with, we will always be millionaires for the simple reason of having them in our lives, knowing that they are fine even if we do not live in the same place, that love, respect, loyalty, will be eternal feelings thanks to the bonds we have formed, which without a doubt will always be in us, even if the distance or simply are not on this plane but his memory will always accompany us in every step we take in life. . The family, despite being where life begins and ends, are the people who undoubtedly provide us with support throughout our lives, they are the people who in one way or another always encourage us to seek our dreams, to build always our best version of ourselves.

Authentic people are those who will always be there for you, regardless of how you are physically, with your bad and good times, with your beautiful and different way of seeing the world, they are the ones who always want to see you flow, that you lead the life you you always dreamed, that when you go through bad times they are always there, that they never abandon you, that on the contrary with love and respect they help you improve, they are the ones that without a doubt give and do not expect currency, because there is nothing more beautiful than having in our life people who always recognize that reciprocity is based on recognition and loyalty not on a power game, do not feel bad if you choose to distance yourself from people who hurt you, who are absent and who simply did not do their part well with you but with others yes, that in our existence there is no room for hatred, on the contrary, that we always have love and forgiveness in our hearts to understand that many times people are fleeting, that they have to give us a lesson and they leave, they simply no longer dance to the same rhythm of our lives and that's fine, it's acceptable, but not for that reason we should hate, we should always keep in our hearts the best moments shared and make room for the people who, without a doubt, some the future will bring.

Today I want to talk to you about someone whom I chose as part of my family, that although he does not carry my blood, he will always be like my little sister or like my daughter, there are stronger ties than those of sharing blood ties, there are the ties we create from feelings as beautiful as love, respect, support, but above all loyalty, it is a bond that is very strong and unbreakable, she means a lot to me, I always want her to shine in her life, that when she grows up she fights for herself, to please her own desires always, that her path is plagued with much happiness and beautiful things, coincidences exist, with her it was like that, definitely life has incredible ways for us to meet people who go from being complete unknown to part of our closest circle, to be family.

My little princess

Blessed is the place and the reason for being there, blessed is the coincidence that made us meet in a world full of so many people, coincidence was only the work and grace of God, meeting my little princess, with whom in such a short time I learned a lot, she taught me unconditional love even for people you barely know, she taught me to look at the world from another perspective, today she is turning 4 years old, I still remember when it was something minimal and I was afraid to carry, now that you are learning, growing can only ask that your path is full of more positive moments than negative, that it is always there for you, to help and guide you when you need it most, thank you for being a great teacher in my life, definitely some strange people even become FAMILY and although in these moments we are not together I always carry you in my heart and I ask you to be a healthy and happy girl.

In 2017 I received one of the best gifts that life could give me and it was to meet you, today I celebrate your life by sending you the best vibes even if we are not together love will always be the same, happy birthday princess Ivy

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