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Outer beauty is nothing without inner beauty

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4 months ago

<<Your outer beauty will capture the eyes but your inner beauty will conquer the heart>>

 The world is full of qualities wherever you look at it, beauty abounds, although many people ignore it, often the essential is invisible to some eyes, not everyone knows how to value the preciousness that inhabits the world from animals, nature, even people and much more, this usually happens many times thanks to the paradigms and stereotypes imposed by society since they have instilled in us that beauty is only linked to the outside, that is, to the physical attractiveness of people, in addition to beauty standards that are lived in today's world, the saddest and most negative thing is that they end up neglecting what truly makes a person's soul beautiful, that is, the interior or the personality, because being so deeply involved in trying to be perfect people has made us away from the true essence that dwells in our being.

It is impossible to deny that in the first instance what we see and what attracts us to people is the exterior, but in the end what causes us to click or engage with others is inevitably the interior or, failing that, a series of elements that are attached to people's personalities, which in turn we all have, such as values, which are what demonstrate humanity and that layer of contact with the outside world, attitudes, that they are always the same, that their treatment never changes or simply just is acting to try to look good, many have not understood and understood that what makes people special is their essence, that they never change, that they always be the same person, that above all things look at the world from a perspective of respect and love.

Obviously everything also depends on the teachings, customs, habits and upbringing that have been imposed on us and sown from home in childhood, it is impossible to deny that we have all been taught from different perspectives, particularly I think that upbringing, although similar, will never be comparable to another, but in short, the most vulnerable stage of the human being is clearly childhood and adolescence, it is a stage where we are learning how the world works through the eyes of our guides or parents, this until we reach adolescence where we begin to acquire certain criteria and little by little the beliefs that are linked and merge better with our essence, although it is something that we all know but just to emphasize each person is a universe, therefore for all beauty is a subjective subject, that is to say no It has the same meaning of beauty for me as it does for you, but what we cannot deny or discuss is that beauty is immersed wherever you look at it, life has blessed us with aspects that we ignore on a daily basis but are always there making life more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Something to regret about the entire revolution and the evolution of the world are undoubtedly the paradigms that are imposed in the world, the majority unfortunately around the concept of beauty, the paradigms in turn are limiting that many only follow because they want to belong, they want to be included in social groups, no matter how many times they hurt people along the way just because their beauty is not in their standard or grid way of thinking, it is something that we see closely today especially through the bullying of vulnerable people, although mostly adults, but those who have the worst time are adolescents who have not yet built security, have not established a relationship with themselves, that is, they are in the process of integrating self-esteem, which we all know sooner or later knocks on the door of our life but while that arrives we are exposed beings, we are beings that unfortunately still do not have enough tools to manage the food Comments and criticism from others, therefore hurt us more, hurt us, many times they even lead us to turning points where we tend to think that we are not adequate, that we are rare, that we are practically impostors, but the reality is very far from us. that, the reality is that that rarity, that beauty is still in a stage of metamorphosis, we are like a butterfly that has to succumb to a process to go out into the world and show that beauty at first is invisible to the eyes that what really What matters is the soul and how beautiful it is.

If you are new or you are in this article by the way, you may not know my story, it is a story that at the beginning filled me with anguish and uncertainty as well as sadness, obviously those feelings were during some events and at the beginning of the process, because Many people, instead of focusing on themselves, on improving their lives, focused on mine. I especially talk about my high school stage, a very happy stage but like everything in life, it had a somewhat murky process, because people Unfortunately, they still do not process that all processes are different, especially those of external beauty, that many times unfortunately this process is affected by some health problems, problems that are not in our control, which was my case because I had a thyroid Therefore, it was impossible for me to gain weight, it is still a bit difficult, but little by little I have managed to overcome it, in short, many simply dedicated themselves to talking about me behind my back. das, they did not have the strength or the courage to tell me, much less to ask why my situation was simply drawing the wrong conclusions.

It is impossible to deny that it did not affect me, because it is evident that something like this affects me in every way, the only great thing is that during this process I was always surrounded by wonderful people who supported me and support me, they are a great anchor in life, they are people to whom I thank, people who always believed in me beyond physical appearance and external beauty, people who cared more about what was inside me, what I could contribute to their lives through my values, I also thank myself, for to be strong and courageous to overcome one of the great obstacles that life imposed on me, one in which, even though I did not know much about life or self-love, I knew how to manage my feelings very well, I knew how to forgive, because I feel resentment towards immature people who do not they knew what the power of their words can bring to others, people who do not deserve a place in my life but people from whom I learned, I learned to give greater relevance to what lives inside the hearts For most people, pretty faces are often a complete trap, even the popular saying goes, faces we see hearts we don't know.

I hope you dare to take the first step to enhance your beauty both inside and outside, we must remember that the interior is reflected in the exterior, both are important, therefore we must find a perfect balance between the two, we must work on building a good image but also work on our values, on our empathy, on love for ourselves and for our neighbor, because in helping lies the true meaning of life, just as we must also give importance to the little big things in life, those that truly represent the beauty that is given to us as our family, our friends, our pets, nature and everything that the universe has given us as well as our home and everything necessary to live happily in life, I emphasize a lot about the beauty because today the day of this is celebrated, a day in which we must not only give importance to the exterior but also to the interior.

Always remember what truly gives value and exalts people is the beauty of their soul, what it has inside!

Thank you for reading, happy day!

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Written by   45
4 months ago
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I agree my friend. The true beauty must be find at the outside. On how the person has a good heart, having a good attitude and a good behavior. It's the real beauty defined of a person.

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4 months ago