March leaves us great teachings

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(feedback from my march)

It is impossible that some month of the year does not surprise us and gives us new learning, also by nature March is a month full of important festivities for humanity and others that come from one moment to another, a surprise of life for us. learning from these circumstances, it was a month that has always had the task of teaching us to understand that women are powerful, that we are not the weaker sex, because despite not having some masculine qualities, we can and are capable of facing any thing, because if something that characterizes and identifies us women is that we are resolute, that we do not give up, as we say here in Venezuela they push us forward, adversity does not scare us, we do not hide from it, we are strong and we always give the face looking in one way or another for the creative solution to those problems.

March is the month of women, we are all celebrated regardless of whether we are big, small, tall or short, the important thing is that we are women, that we support each other in any circumstance and fight if necessary to help those who need it. that. need, there is no strength and power greater than that of a woman who knows what she wants and who seeks in a thousand ways to get there, I also particularly believe that both women and men should be celebrated all year round, because we are all warriors , March also taught us that there are heroes who do not necessarily wear a cape to save lives, doctors undoubtedly chose a very humble career where they must give everything to save lives, they took an oath that no matter the time or circumstance, your duty as doctors They will always be there to help others, even more so if you are in an emergency where your life is at risk, those are the true heroes of the world, we even saw how it shows that they did their worth fighting the pandemic, regardless of whether they were infected or its consequences, they were always there to help save lives.

It was also a month to celebrate the lives of our loved ones who arrived for another year of happy and pleasant existence in March, nothing like celebrating that we are still alive and even more so if it is the existence of those people who day by day contribute a grain of sand in our happiness, they are a fundamental part of our process, even more important because they are family and have always been and will be for us regardless of any adversity, their existence will always be a reason to thank the higher forces because it is a way that life shows that we are blessed to have people who support us and care about us when there are many lonely people, who feel that they do not belong somewhere and therefore are wanderers of the world, for that my eternal gratitude because there are people who give me unconditional love and in this month celebrate and celebrate the life of my goddaughter and my cousin, I hope that everything beautiful always comes to their lives and of course to the life of everything It's the ones who take the time to read my articles.

Another great event that is very relevant to expose is the day of the man that is celebrated in some countries, on March 19, we must be fair as well as the role of women is a pleasant celebration, we must also celebrate that there are still chivalrous men, delivered to their family, who undoubtedly deserve to be celebrated, because regardless of our sex or gender we are all worthy of celebration, love, loyalty and empathy. Just as it is also necessary to celebrate people who have capacities and qualities superior to ours, who more than a disability are a blessing and are light for the lives of their relatives, people with syndromes such as Down or others who are celebrated in March, they are the purest people who always teach us that we should treat them with the same love and respect with which they treat us, because there are many people who judge and point to these, even knowing that they did not choose to be like that, They are like this by the grace of God, something that we must respect and even more give them the love and affection that those children or adults always try to give us, because they are pure souls who know no hatred.

March is a month that calls us to awareness, in many ways, as first I want to talk to you about the planet and its care, we should understand that it is not a simple planet, it is our home, because we inhabit it and our loved ones inhabit it as well as we take care of our house we must take care of it too, because every day the planet deteriorates due to our mismanagement, perhaps it does not affect us today as such, but think and analyze that even if it did affect and the consequences will be seen by your future generations, For this reason, work for it, do not throw garbage in the street, try to reduce the use of plastic, because they are things that take millions of years to dissolve and therefore help the planet to become weaker, try little by little to change and include in your life good practices that help stop the deterioration of the planet do not pollute, do not throw garbage or into rivers, do not waste water because we must educate ourselves that water is life, imagine that or exists, the rivers dry up and therefore there would be no water on the planet, that is why March also calls us through the day of water to learn new habits that help our planet and eliminate the habits that are leading them to silent death .

Personally, I believe that it was a month that, through events that were known throughout the world, calls us to respect the awareness of not making fun of others, neither because of their physique nor because of any condition that they suffer from and unfortunately it is present in the exterior or in the physique of said person, regardless of whether it is for humor or not, it should be a golden rule, we recently saw it in celebrities, that although we all think that they have life resolved and do not have problems, not everything is shown on a screen, there is very little percentage of those who truly show their real life through the media, it was a situation that showed us that aggressiveness can be reached even because it is understandable that you would not like them to mess with you or your relatives because they suffer from some condition or because their physique is different, respect is something that many do not understand, they are not able to put themselves in the place of the other or how they would feel, but in the end We must also cultivate control so as not to become aggressive because they are reprehensible things that cannot be erased. Pointing fingers, judging or reaching extremes of violence are the things that are wrong in the world and they are the ones that we should repudiate and push these people to open their minds, so that they unlearn these defects and turn them into virtues. Without a doubt, Jada Pinket deserves to be respected even with defects or disabilities, she is still a beautiful and talented woman who is worth more than her physique, let's open our minds with respect to it and think that even mental consequences such as insecurity, anxiety or depression you would bring them with a simple comment to someone by their exterior.


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