March begins with family traditions left by my grandmother

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My grandmother said that <Traditions are a guide, not a jailer> Today that she is not in this world, with much more maturity I can say that she was very right.

Blessed Thursday dear readers of Read.Cash, as I explained in my previous article, I have not been able to be as active on the platform because in my town the power outages or electricity rationing continue continuously and with many hours without this basic service that, as Venezuelans almost completely lack it, but in the end this is not a reason to be unhappy, much less to continue almost normally with our daily lives.

March brought with it traditions that, like every year since I can remember, my family always does, they are traditions that my grandparents passed on to each member of our family, as a treasure, especially for my grandmother, faith was her main engine. And is it that without faith, without believing in something, the human being would lack meaning? She was a very believer, her blind faith was always placed in God, she always tried to follow some traditions although without reaching radical extremes, they were traditions that in one way or another kept us closer than ever as a family, it is that no one could deny my grandmother's wishes, she with her impressive way of being, such as a sun that illuminated and guided the path of each member of my family.

He always instilled in me to believe in God, today many do not have the same way of thinking, it is valid, over time we evolve but it is very nice to continue with some traditions, even more so if they were started by my grandmother, who built with so much care a lot of things for us in the future, the best way to thank him for so much love, affection, effort, sacrifice, dedication and many more things, is to continue with his traditions that are simpler routines, they are very valuable assets even if they are intangible , to a certain extent they are like values ​​that are rooted in me, one of the most beautiful inheritances that my old lady left me, something that can somehow evolve, always trying to get the most out of it but without letting it lose its essence.

Yesterday in particular was a day to fulfill one of her traditions, for her some Catholic celebrations were sacred, without forcing us or being extremist, she showed us a very beautiful side of faith, living with faith means that we must always feed and cultivate it one way or another, it is impossible to say I have faith, I believe in this or that if you do nothing because it flourishes, evolves without losing its essence, in short, my grandmother and her mother my great-grandmother were very believers, they always told us stories incredible with respect to their faith, how they built it even in hard times, where nothing is worth, where as human beings we tirelessly renounce, in the end I went with my brother to the special Mass on Ash Wednesday, one of the few in the ones I have attended for biosecurity issues and the pandemic, I do not like being in a church I must confess but there is always the need to go, it is one of the few places where you can find peace or at least s is so in my case. (By the way I leave you a photo of the church so you can see how beautiful it is but above all that it gives a lot of peace).

For me, faith is the center of my life, I live it in my own way, without being a radical extremist, which is not good, I live it by mixing it with some traditions that my grandmother, may she rest in peace, left rooted in me, I think that without no matter what religion you are, we all believe in the same superior force, even if its name changes, it is always the same, I think that as perfectly imperfect human beings that we are, we are not the one to be judging, or pointing fingers at others, every day without exception we make mistakes but they are things that do not make us better or worse people and much less are we the judges of anyone, because the only one who can do it is God, otherwise no mortal, I also think that extremes are not good, we must always be at a midpoint, where reasons and we can understand that even if someone else thinks differently, or alternatively acted differently, they are not crazy, or a stranger, people at this point, today we should finally understand that and there is duality, that not everyone can think as one and it's okay, it's okay to be different, to have other characteristics that won't make you a Martian on earth.

Thanks to my grandmother without a doubt, because she taught me the path of faith, that although I have changed many characteristics, they still do not lose their essence, because I will always carry her teachings, but above all some of her traditions, I also hope to follow her example, of being a great woman, in addition to transmitting to the future generations of my family all the beautiful things I learned by her side, thank you for being one of the most important people in my life, even if you are not here today physically, I love you the same or much more than the day God wanted you to be with him. You are the most beautiful star that lights my way. (By the way, the one in the photo is my grandmother when she was young).

Do not be afraid to have faith and believe, follow your instincts, happy Thursday dear readers.

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I love your realizations because I can feel you. My grandmother introduced me in this faith and now she is also gone for about couples of years passed. I believe we must strengthen our faith and keep our belief and relationship with God.

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