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Making mistakes is inevitable, don't give up

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2 months ago

<It is wise to acknowledge mistakes but even more so to try to fix them>

By nature we always tend to make mistakes, not because we are poorly done or poorly designed, that is the way we learn best, making mistakes, failing will even bring us closer to becoming experts in that area, many are afraid of failing and it is natural, but that does not paralyze you, with the passage of time you must understand looking at things from the perspective of childhood, you remember the first time you did something new, like speaking for the first time, although you stammered words they were not perfect, this became moderately listenable thanks because your parents were there for you, correcting you with love and patience so that you could speak perfectly, or when you were riding a bicycle without the rear wheels that served to balance you, a bump or a crash could inevitably come, but the fall was the best way to train to be able to ride the bike perfectly, adults were not affected by the fact that the blow with due care disappeared in a few days ace, but the experience that I leave you no, it would serve you for life, one of the things from our childhood that we must keep forever is the resilience in those moments in which we inexorably know that we were wrong but that will bring us closer in return. one way or another to the wisdom of understanding and knowing things.

As we grow up, it is inevitable not to relate the error to negative emotions that we certainly do not want to do, much less feel, it is something that, as I explained before, is not an idea that is born with us, because when we are children we are willing to do anything in order to learn. and do things well, we find an example case when we want to walk, no matter how many times we fall, at no time do we feel bad, on the contrary, we always try until we reach a degree of expertise, as the years go by it is when they teach us and put us in the back of our minds that making mistakes is wrong, that being the one who makes mistakes is wrong, but making mistakes gives us in some other way the wisdom to know how to do it right, it is undoubtedly something that will remain engraved in our memory for the rest of our lives and will help us in other circumstances of it. Despite the above, many of the great discoveries of all of existence have been made under the formula of making mistakes, to learn and be able to find true answers that satisfy our curiosity and allow us to do things better.

In childhood we think that making mistakes is the most natural thing in the world, we are innocent beings who still do not know and understand what shame is or that entourage of emotions that make us feel bad for making mistakes, we know these as we get older , in our adolescent stage when we forget to do our homework and at school we are scolded for not doing it, from that moment we know that we do not want to feel those emotions, because they are no longer our parents correcting us with love, now it is our turn strange people who do it even in bad ways, creating and generating insecurity, sadness, we constantly repeat phrases like "I could do better" "I will not be able" burying our capacity for resilience, to know, understand and understand that it is not a problem as such that we can always improve, that in the next installment we will try to overcome it, it is also something that we should be taught at home, namely that a failure is not the end of the world against Rio is the opportunity to improve our skills for that situation.

Never fear, do not get carried away by unhealthy comments from anyone, I have particularly experienced this a lot from my teachers even since I was in elementary school, the goal of school is to learn, because we are like paintings, the teachers in each student have a new canvas where they will paint it with all the learning they impart, in very few cases the children are prodigies, that thanks to the divinity they have been granted a high coefficient, really pure magic, they are children so intelligent that even in opportunities they know more than the teachers, but in the end we are going to learn at school and even more in elementary school, when we were and are so innocent, for me a time when the internet was not the boom that it is today , therefore my research or homework I always looked for them through books, I remember it was in fourth grade when a teacher was very harsh, for children of that age, who still did not understand almost anything, it was when I got a phobia of making g mistakes I prayed, even a little to school, I was afraid to go and that the teacher would be so harsh again, it was a hard process that I overcame thanks to my parents, their love, their sympathy, their patience and their empathy .

Of course it was not the only experience of this nature that happened to me, then in my adolescence I ran into another teacher who this time taught classes but on a subject that was a bit strong, more than theoretical it was practical, but without theory you cannot get to practice, of course, like Chemistry, she was a teacher who explained little and wanted us to solve all the exercises, we couldn't ask her anything because she was upset, I decided to turn the negative situation into a positive one, because wanting is power, I had already failed a lot in this area, but that would take a turn, I started to motivate myself, to study more because I wanted to show him that even if he didn't impart much of his knowledge we could improve even on our own, I remember that I was the first student in my class to get the highest grade , my colleagues did not have the same luck back then because I took the vast majority of them to repair, all this only left me the great teaching that although he did not believe in me, he gave him I showed that great things could be achieved and not only did I show it to others, I showed it to myself, that you learn from mistakes and that it is not as bad as it seems, it is the natural way of learning, although on many occasions it frustrates us .

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Written by   30
2 months ago
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