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Little by little, life gives us opportunities to get ahead and promote new results

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3 months ago

<< The one who has little is not poor, but the one who desires a lot and does nothing to manifest and materialize>>

As a result of the fact that today is a day to praise the eradication of poverty, we will delve deeper into this issue that affects a large percentage of the world's population, unfortunately it is often a mental and belief issue, given that it is can manage to get out and avoid this process successfully creating a new precedent in our life and in that of our relatives, before entering the matter it is necessary to define what it truly means to be poor and that is that they are those conditions to which certain people are exposed daily day to day, conditions that exclude them from having certain aspects that are basic to living a decent life, which basically guarantee housing, health, clothing, food, assistance, education and others, conditions that can be changed by seeking creative solutions, given that the main source for this to happen is chronic unemployment, it is conformism, it is wanting to stay in the situation because it became regrettable ly an acquired habit, it became an aspect of the comfort zone, poverty is one of the most common problems with which the world has had to fight since ancient times, a problem that unfortunately due to two main common causes It has not yet been completely eradicated, well, the first one because, as stated above, the person gets used to their situation and does not try to improve it, on the other hand, unfortunately the rest of the population excludes and points out these people, instead of helping they end up subtracting them by excluding and not including.

Although this is a supremely negative characteristic of life, they are situations that it puts in us to challenge us, to break schemes, since, as I said before, it is a habit that little by little even becomes a source of beliefs, which instead of drive us, they are tying us down, they are not promoting growth, deficiencies undoubtedly generate a line of equal feelings such as suffering, sadness, hatred, despondency, pain and many more, they are situations that can be propulsive and even trigger diseases associated mostly with stress, because basically day by day we live in a complete state of stress, in a complete and overwhelming cycle of uncertainty that can cause us not only physical illnesses, but also mental ones, poverty has many costs and among them the emotional ones, basically there are universal causes that they are the ones that plague a certain part of the population, like living blaming others for the situation that I saw today We saw, basically we train our mind to what is a permanent situation when the reality is that a temporary situation and phase that we must go through to learn from our strength and how creative we are, because such creativity can help us to always foster another new reality. .

Poverty also comes from those people who live an ignorant life, people who undervalue the effort, sacrifice and work of others, life is measured by the experiences we have to face, good and bad experiences, experiences that will be completely ours responsibility, therefore blaming others is not an option, we must become aware that what we have gone through has been part of a series of decisions we have made, occupying our minds, avoiding problems with invented and created realities will undoubtedly distance us from collect true solutions that bring us closer to another reality, unfortunately poverty is not only not having money, poverty also lies in the mind, in the way we avoid one of the greatest tools that life has given us to grow and to foster wisdom like studies, studying is something supremely undervalued, unfortunately there is a large part of the population that dyes of a waste of time when this has been the main catapult of certain people for their personal success, knowledge makes us more aware and less ignorant.

Poverty even begins by being rude, degrading, ignorant, poorly educated, poverty goes far beyond not having material goods, we see how people who day by day struggle to achieve new goals and put aside conformism are those people more happy, because daily they practice gratitude, they practice good manners, they practice offering the best of themselves to the world, unfortunately the other percentage goes around the world showing off, goes around the world showing that they have more pride than humanity and empathy, when the true wealth is found in doing good without looking at who, since day by day we can do many things to change material situations, while situations that go beyond our attitudes are difficult to change because they are rooted aspects that stop fostering real change is necessary before accepting that we need it in order to work on a plan to help us do it.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   45
3 months ago
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Dear Milagros, your publication is very complete, you cover all sides of poverty.

It is unfortunate that today we still continue to sink deeper into poverty for lack of knowledge. It seems that the more we know the more ignorant we are.

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3 months ago