Life situations have secret messages and signals for our process

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<Lessons will always be present in every process of our life, first one must live them to understand the messages that they leave us implicit>

Every day is a complete blessing to be able to breathe, to be able to laugh, to be able to walk, in short, to be able to have the basic senses of life healthy and in perfect condition, those that many unfortunately lack for various situations, but many of us ignore because they are always there fulfilling their function for us, we value when we no longer have, when we remember what in another moment of life we ​​had, for this reason we must commit ourselves, to value, to live each process that is presented to us to the fullest, commit ourselves to love, to subtract hate from our life and our body, hatred simply takes root in the depths of being, in the bones even, corrupting from the depths, profaning and undermining our values, turning our perspective of life into a more cloudy one, one that does not allows you to see the sun rise.

We all have a purpose in life, we all come to this world to fulfill a mission, which many simply ignore, but there are also those who feel the need to go after what, in addition to generating happiness, generates motivation, promotes a of spiritual gasoline in order not only to exalt ourselves, but to exalt other people along the way and in the same process, that with our help they can find the path to which they are destined, the messages that we are silently requesting from the superior energy, those signs that can dictate even another panorama for our life lie implicit in the experiences and situations that we experience daily, but unfortunately we are so busy wanting to reach the end, reach the goal that we forget to live the process, live the path, stop even for a moment, be retrospective, be analytical, look at everything around us and say THANK YOU, because that precise moment or it is one more step, one more step to the top that allows us without a doubt to success.

We come to live, to enjoy each stage, even if it is black, if it is tinged with sadness, we come to enjoy even the fragile and how ephemeral we are, many times, because life shouts at us on undetermined occasions that meaning is in each step we take and in the situations we are going through, that those situations and stages no matter how hard they are are showing us that strength, drive, determination and many more values ​​that promote the greatness of our being live in us. Life gave us a clear message or warning more than two years ago approximately, with the shock that the world gave, with the conversion that not only a few were part of, but we all did, life reaffirmed that we are like shooting stars in the world, the message of the pandemic, was extremely clear, the implicit message to enjoy life, to value every moment we spend with people who make our passage through this world a pleasant and better experience, but just as that message was generalized for everyone, there are messages that come to us every day personalized and according to the situations we are experiencing, destabilizing messages many times but with the potential to make us reconsider, to show us that every day is a new day to enjoy and make a difference.

The present has been a decisive and harmful time for the history that unites us all, many changes, many for the better and others still on the way to becoming positive, but it is impossible not to give thanks for the moment in which we have had to come to live our history in this world, a space where it has definitely been marked by the message of helping and always promoting the well-being of all, especially in my country Venezuela, which although it is not the best stage in many aspects, we have learned that in the union is strength, that it is better to be instruments of good than evil, many times life situations saturate us, take us to the limit, situations that take us out of home run, as we say colloquially in my country, take us to harmful excessive limits even for our health, but when stepping on these statistics makes us understand that what we must always pursue above all is calm and peace, that it is better to live a quiet life, a full life, a life that promotes love, respect, consonance, generosity, kindness and empathy rather than living a life full of hate, the power to do this always lives in us.

Communications, thanks to all the evolution that exists today, is more advanced than ever, it is a tool that, in addition to the aforementioned, is within reach of our hands, even these tools help us to be instruments for others, we are ignorant of all the good that we can transmit to people with our little messages of life, with our actions and words, we can kindly help people who are currently in one of their worst stages of life, transmitting a message of calm, of consolation , of encouragement, of motivation, that is what the meaning and value of life is all about, always helping others, putting a grain of sand in the happiness of others, because we will be rewarded with much more than material aspects, with aspects of the soul, an aspect that has not yet died out but has evolved in forms of communication are letters, since they still exist and also online, messages i implicit and explicit that allow us to reach people who are not close to us, today is the day especially for those people who dedicate their lives to shortening distances, people to whom I will be eternally grateful because they have been in charge of a great job.

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