Let's honor our environment

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11 months ago

Because our house in this world deserves that we take care of it, that we respect it and that we also fill it with love, so that it can flourish. Because there are thousands of galaxies, there are many planets but there is only one planet earth, there is only one like the one we inhabit and it is up to each one of us to help it, do our part to promote its care, the change it deserves to prevent is damaged, to prevent the house of our descendants from collapsing in the future, on the contrary, it is maintained, in turn they can know the world that we once inhabited and that with great love we took care of so that it would reach their generation. Yesterday was the day of the environment, a day that for many goes completely unnoticed, since it is not given the merit that should truly be given to it, because caring for and promoting the other human beings who cohabit this world to exalt the environment is a true task for all, doing it is not the task of just one person, it is the task and obligation of all, to stop the deterioration that many of the ecosystems that exist in the environment are experiencing today, to encourage in the smallest and youngest the love for the planet earth that welcomes us every day.

The environment is of vital importance, many are those who speak superficially about it but do not dare to investigate and learn more about this topic that is so significant for our lives, since it is the territory where we live, together with plants, animals and other beings, this medium being a driver for the existence of everything that is made up of it, without it or with it deteriorating more and more every day, the world can definitely have an expiration date, where it will cease to be the same as it already is. we know to become almost a space where it would be impossible to inhabit and all because the human being did not help him by praising him and taking care of him on the contrary, the human even became the number one enemy of this since instead of collecting his own waste or generate less, the only thing he did was generate and leave in places where he only helps the world to break down little by little, it is everyone's task and responsibility to make the world more sustainable, that the house becomes healthy for future generations, but this is only possible if we change the way we see it, since there are many who do not even pay attention to these relevant issues that truly deserve attention of people.

As I explained before, the environment is made up of many ecosystems that supply us with vitality every day, such as water, the very air we breathe and everything it needs to function better, such as plants and certain animals that help regenerate the oxygen that we take every day to continue with another sigh of our lives, there are few and few times that we truly thank the environment for generating well-being among so much laziness, because without them we simply could not live, not even enjoy the pleasures that life offers us. That is why the call is for everyone, it is not only the responsibility of high-ranking companies and their businessmen alone, it is a cause that brings together all of us who make life in the world, all of us who enjoy life, families and even a branch of life that should be taught even in schools as a subject for professors so that from a very young age we understand that we are nobody without the planet, that thanks to it we can lead a full life, therefore we deserve to have responsibility in caring for it, protecting it, change our lifestyle to help it be better and also to spread that it is better to take care of it to live a full life that it ends up sinking and with it ends up taking human life.

For this reason, when you hear calls to improve the environment, join them, also when they are going to carry out some type of cleaning or simply when you see someone who has not yet learned about the great importance of taking care of our home on earth, help them to come to their senses and change your ways of behaving and your actions in life for the environment and its ecosystems that instead of subtracting always add up, because it is everyone's task to help make the world exalt through our actions to care for and respect it, because without him human life would not be life.

Let's make these dates a true relevance in the human being, because exalting our house on earth is everyone's task!

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